RSA blog: Are you really cyber aware?

It is once again October, and cybersecurity awareness month,. Last year I wrote a blog post for RSA that mentioned four different areas of focus:

  • More comprehensive adoption of multi-factor authentication (MFA) tools and methods
  • Ensuring better backups to thwart ransomware and other attacks
  • Paying more attention to cloud data server configuration
  • Doing continuous security awareness training

For this year’s post, I re-examine each of these areas, chart progress and trends, and offer a few new suggestions. Attackers have gotten more determined and targeted and software supply chains have become more porous and insecure. What is clear is that security awareness remains a constant battle. Standing still is admitting defeat. Chances are you aren’t as aware as you think you should be, and hopefully I have given you a few ideas to improve.

1 thought on “RSA blog: Are you really cyber aware?

  1. Hackers, viruses, worms, ransomware and spyware attacks are getting so common nowadays, By taking proper precaution you could protect your data from cyber threats. Like using strong passwords and change them periodically, Installing antivirus software, Install anti-spyware and anti-malware software, Perform daily full system scans, Create a periodic system backup schedule, Use your firewall, Use email with caution, etc.

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