I have written for a number of IDG-based print and Web publications, including Computerworld, Infoworld, PC World, Network World, CSO Online and ITWorld.

CSO Online articles

I began writing for them in 2017.


I started writing for them back in the middle 1990s, and ended up with what turned out to be one of my longest stints as a bylined columnist for any single publication. (Note: the link to the portal on my site above has more broken than working links, but it is an interesting historical document.) I have begun writing for them again in 2022.

I was first hired  as a columnist by Stewart Alsop and Bob Metcalfe in 1993. We called  my column “The Network Curmudgeon” and I had a lot to say about the various networking products back in the day. Then the column morphed into was probably one of my most fun gigs for any magazine. Called “On Site”, I would travel to different cities and test a new product on site with the cooperation of the IT shop and the vendor who’s product we were trying to install. If reality TV was around back then, I could have had my own series, maybe. More than 150 people contributed to this effort alone over the years that I wrote these series, and thanks to the editing talents of Rachel Parker the columns were a great chronicle of how hard it (still) is to get new products installed, even when you have the vendor’s developers and other resources at your beck and call. I also helped get their initial Web site started.

Here are links to my stories:

Network World articles

I have written for Network World for many years. One of my older but still favorite articles  is this one from 2001 where I examined the networking infrastructure of Disney’s theme parks. The most recent reviews:

ITWorld articles and blog entries

Here are links to my feature stories, where I can reconstruct them. This site was taken off-line in 2015:

During 2009, I wrote the blog “Tech That Matters” for ITworld with frequent posts of interesting technology and tactics for IT managers.

PC World Net Work  Columns

During 2009, I wrote for PC World including a series of blogs and columns under the title of “Net Work” covering practical tips for SMB networking and communications solutions. Here are the links:

PC World feature articles


I first started writing for Computerworld print back in the mid-1990s. Here are links to my stories:

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