I have written for TechTarget’s various online and print properties almost since they first began operations in 2000. They recently added contributor pages which is good because a lot of my old content has been removed. Here you can quickly find everything that I have written for their various properties.

2018 articles

I wrote a series of sponsored white papers on ransomware that were posted in May.

2015 articles

2014 articles

2013 articles

2012 articles

2011 articles

2010 articles

  • Top 10 best/worst desktop developments for SearchEnterpriseDesktop (12/10)
  • Twitter-like tools for behind the corporate firewall for SearchEnterpriseDesktop) (11/10)
  • New virtualization tools from Hytrust and Virsto for SearchServerVirtualiztion)
  • Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite update (10/10) for SearchSystemsChannel
  • Windows Intune review for SearchVirtualDesktop (10/10)
  • P2V Migration tools for SearchVirtualDesktop (9/10)
  • Blocking USB access for (9/10)
  • Running IEv6 on a Windows 7 desktop for (8/10)
  • Controlling Facebook apps across the enterprise for (8/10)
  • Cloud AV products reviewed for (6/10)
  • Seven considerations when evaluating GRC tools (7/10) for
  • Understanding Windows 7 migration tools (5/10) for
  • Sysinternals Process Monitor and Process Explorer (6/10) for SearchEnterprise

2007-9 articles

Earlier stories include 10 tips to protect your company in a down economy (2/09) which ran in Information Security magazine. (registration required). There is also a related webcast that was done in March that can be found here.

Here is a story on how to hire the best engineering talent for your Managed Service Provider that ran on (9/07)

Product comparative reviews on SSL VPNs and UTM security appliances

I reviewed seven Unified Threat Management appliances for the June 2007 issue of Information Security magazine. (Here is the separate review of Secure Computing’s Sidewinder UTM box published in July 2007).

  • I also wrote a tip for about what is involved in setting up unified threat management products from CheckPoint, Sonicwall, and Fortinet here.
  • I did this animated voice-over screencast that shows how to setup the Sonicwall UTM 5060 box.
  • And I also wrote a short piece on how the channel can sell UTM products and services for here.

My biggest effort in the fall of 2006 was a review of five SSL VPNs for Information Security magazine, including the first comparison to include Cisco’s ASA 5540 product. The other products include Aventail’s ST EX-2500, F5 Networks’ FirePass 4100, Juniper Networks’ Secure Access (SA) 6000 SP and Check Point Software Technologies’ Connectra NGX R61. Juniper comes out on top.

Endpoint Security
In early November 2006, I wrote a story for SearchNetworking about questions you can ask your endpoint vendor about health assessment technologies. I also wrote a tip for on how to configure the F5 Firepass and Juniper SSL VPNs for handling endpoint health assessment that ran in January 2007.

Information Security magazine articles on the topic include:

  • NAC Tales (Sep 2008), case studies of four different businesses and how they did NAC
  • Tip on how to deploy Windows Server 2008 using NAP (Sep 2008)
  • The Sting (Nov 2007), looking into honeyclients
  • Log Wild (Oct 2007), about log management strategies, and a companion story illustrating log filtering using the NetIQ products on
  • Which Way? (April 2006) and Who’s There (below, registration required).
  • Who’s there, (Jan 2007) more on figuring out the right endpoint security product
  • Fraud Busters, (Jan 2007) about the vendors that help implement better multi-factor authentication systems.

Webcasts and podcasts and speeches

I do a fair number of live seminars on a variety of topics. One is a webcast called Network Access Control: Lessons Learned From the Front Lines in September 2008.

I also did the webcast “The Wide World of NAC and Endpoint Security” in January 2007.

I was part of a three-city seminar series that TechTarget put on in September 2006 on endpoint security and advanced identity management.

And a webcast on logging and audit tools and techniques that came out in October 2007.

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