eWeek / PC Week

I got my start in computer journalism back in 1986 when eWeek was called PC Week — I was part of the original launch team on its Connectivity section. Here is a short memorial to those early days. Here is my first bylined article for them on mainframe communications. And here is a description of how PC Week was my first breakout job. 

Here is a note about some of the people who I worked with when I was there and what they have accomplished since then.

During 2010 I wrote reviews for eWeek Labs:

In 2006-8, I wrote a monthly column for eWeek’s Strategic Partner demographic about new technologies that the channel should keep an eye on. This content has been removed from the site.

  • May 2008: Time to talk about tablets
  • April 2008: Online backup for the channel
  • March 2008: Server repurposing comes to the channel
  • February 2008: Virtual processors
  • January 2008: Real-time presence-aware applications
  • December 2007: Virtual applications streaming
  • November 2007: The resurrection of JavaScript
  • September 2007: Towards better network applications intelligence
  • August 2007: Five Microsoft technologies to watch for the channel
  • July 20, 2007: How to sell IPTV
  • July 12, 2007: Microsoft extends its Lending Reach
  • July 11, 2007: SharePoint as your enterprise search app?
  • July 11, 2007: Microsoft partner dashboard announcement
  • June 25, 2007:Unified communications is the new frontier
  • June 6, 2007: Changes to the Linksys channel program
  • May 2007: Time is ripe for VARs to sell encryption
  • April 2007: Where’s the Remote? (Web-based remote control)
  • March 2007: Finding gold by using network discovery tools
  • February 2007: Prepackaged Linux SMB servers
  • December 2006: Selling managed SMB firewalls
  • November 2006: IM Profits for VARs
  • October 2006: The Asterisk VoIP ecosystem
  • September 2006: Selling online storage/backup
  • August 2006: Virtualization for VARs
  • July 2006:Getting a lock on endpoints for the channel.
  • June 2006: RFID the next old thing.
  • May 2006: VARs, Pay Attention to SaaS

In addition to these columns, I also contributed to an online community called ITLink. This also has been removed from the site.

During 2007-8, I interviewed various industry luminaries about channel and technology issues called the “Channel Chat” podcasts.

  • Mike Brunner, Wyse Technologies, Thin is in
  • Chander Kant, Zmanda, Open source data backups
  • Rich Bader, Easystreet Online Services, Building the Green Data Center
  • David Goodman, IT manager, Third-world IT support
  • Robert Packer, Presidio Networks, the challenges for selling to SMB customers
  • Gregg Kalman, Meru Networks,Enterprise Wireless Channels
  • David O’Berry, So. Carolina IT manager, on his predictions for 2008
  • Jake Player, TechTurn, making money from recycled PCs
  • Mike Adams,Lighthouse Computer Services, Picking the best storage vendor partners
  • Mark Damphouse, Trinet Systems, Selling converged VOIP solutions
  • Rob McKernan, APC, Power and cooling for the channel
  • Michael Baum, Splunk, Data navigation by the numbers
  • Wade Wyant, ITS, Selling Altiris managed desktop solutions
  • Bob Longo, Clearpointe, Data-less data center
  • Lane Smith, Do It Smarter, Selling managed services
  • Bernard Larouche, Symantec, Endpoint protection channel opportunities
  • Brian Gladstein, Bit9, Locking down your endpoints
  • TM Ravi, Mimosa Systems, Discovering email all over again
  • Neal Creighton, Ratepoint, Where your reputation preceeds you
  • Rich Bader, Easystreet, Managed data center services
  • John Powell, Virtela, Long distance carrier services
  • Mikki Sandorfi, Sepaton, Data protection and backup
  • Eran Farajan, Asigra, Managed backup services
  • Marc Osofsky, Optaros, Open Source meets SaaS
  • Vivek Khullar, DiVitas, The new breed of wireless VAR
  • Jason Crea, Sitecore, The evolution of software plus services
  • Chris Schwartzbauer, Shavlik Technologies, Four degrees of security VARs
  • Ari Tammam, Promisec, “The importance of regular security audits”
  • Deepak Thadani, Sysintegrators, “What VARs should know about firewalls”
  • Steve Harvey, Digium, “How to become a VOIP VAR”
  • John DiLullo, SonicWall, “Creating a Profitable Managed Services Offering”
  • Karen Hartsell, PGP Corp., “Pretty Good Partner”
  • Mark Eppley, “MobileMania”
  • David Goodman, “When VARs don’t add value”
  • Ann Revel-Pechar, “Can Resellers make online communities work?”