VAR Business State of Technology 2002 and 2003

For VAR Business’s annual State of Technology 2002 issue, I managed, edited, assigned, and wrote a couple of the pieces too. This was the first time VAR Business had such a special printed supplement. I also organized, with the help of the XChange conference group, a special series of conference tracks that was coordinated with the editorial in the print issue, and an awards ceremony for the winners.

I did something similar for the State of Technology 2003 issue.

The online links have been removed sadly.

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It is hard for me to get back to writing these essays after the events of the past month, but I’ll try. On a personal note, I want to thank those of you who took the time to email me and ask about my health and safety — the number of messages in the past several weeks from all over the world has been very touching and important for getting me back on track. The day of the attacks I was scheduled to appear on TechTV’s Silicon Spin show — that show was finally taped and aired last night. And my
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If you don’t want to buy the book, you can read my column here.

Project PortNet: Blueprint for Computers in Port Washington NY Schools

Nowadays, we generally accept having computers in the classroom. But back in 1995, it was a radical notion. I co-chaired a committee of parents, teachers, and administrators and we came up with this blueprint on how to do it. Several years later, I was elected to the board of trustees of the school district, and got even more involved in local politics.

Here is the copy of our report.