TheVerge: Ways to securely share files in the cloud

The Verge has put together a solid collection of articles on how to deal with the not-so-new realities of working from home, They had me write a piece on how to share your work files and you can read it here. The days when we were all connected to the same shared drive or local network folder are now quaint memories. But today’s sharing files will take some careful planning, particularly if you want to do so as securely as possible.

In my article, I cover the various methods that are available, from sharing a file attached to an email or instant message to using public cloud services like Dropbox to using Google Workspace and Microsoft OneDrive. But the best solution is a group of business-related cloud services that I summarize in this chart.

Vendor Monthly pricing Max. file upload Free trial period Application integration
Egnyte $20/user 100 GB 15 days Extensive
SecureDocs $250 for unlimited users Unlimited 14 days Limited
ShareFile/Citrix $50 for unlimited users 100 GB 30 days Extensive
SugarSync $55 for 3 users 300 GB for web clients 30 days Limited

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