RSA blog: Making the Next Digital Transition Will Require Extensive Security Planning

We are all in a forced march towards a more accelerated digital transition because of the global health crisis. McKinsey is one of many consulting firms proposing a 90-day guide towards moving into this brave new era. While the intentions are good, this proposal is somewhat flawed. It will take more than Zoom, Slack and a corporate subscription to a cloud-based collaboration platform to transform a business for this next normal. To make this move successful, we all have a lot more work to do in planning for this transition. In my blog post this month for RSA, I share a few ways to begin to frame your thinking about this subject.

There are many risks and security challenges associated with digital transformation in response to the on-going health crisis. I think they can be conquered, but will require significant planning to ensure that we manage the associated risks appropriately.

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