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For the past several months, I have been working with the editorial team that manages the Red Hat Developers website. My role is to work with the product managers, the open source experts and the editors to rewrite product descriptions and place the dozens of Red Hat products into a more modern and developer-friendly and appropriate context. It has been fun to collaborate with a very smart and dedicated group. This work has been unbylined, but you can get an example of what I have done with this page on ODO and another page on Code Ready Containers.

Here is an example of a bylined article I wrote about container security for their blog.

One thought on “Red Hat Developer website editorial support

  1. Hi David
    As a developer who has a passing acquaintance with OpenShift, I would like to see a simple Hello World example in your article. Can you deploy the example application with two odo commands? Three? Understood that OpenShift is complex, maybe I am not making sense.
    As it is, is not much use to me. I learn by playing with Fedora and its new projects.
    HTH — Rick

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