CSOonline: The top 5 email encryption tools: More capable, better integrated

I have updated my review of top email encryption tools for CSOonline/Network World this week. Most of the vendors have broadened the scope of their products to include anti-phishing, anti-spam and DLP. I last looked at these tools a few years ago, and have seen them evolve:

  • HPE/Voltage SecureMail is now part of Micro Focus, part of an acquisition of other HPE software products
  • Virtru Pro has extended its product with new features and integrations
  • Inky no longer focuses on an endpoint encryption client and has instead moved into anti-phishing
  • Zix Gateway rebranded and widened its offerings
  • Symantec Email Security.cloud has added integrations

In my post today, I talk about recent trends in encryption and more details about each of these five products.


One thought on “CSOonline: The top 5 email encryption tools: More capable, better integrated

  1. FYI on your article about the physical token comeback. You did mention some of the available devices out there currently ( Yubikey, Vasco) and left out the Google Titan. None of these products can touch a new authentication device (soon to market) that has been given a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation in all 11 measured areas which no one else has achieved. It encrypts the password, files, documents, email, and authenticates into Active Directory which no one does. It is protected from the dirty Bluetooth highway and also will have a mobile phone solution without a physical token. The products you listed are single-engine Cessnas compared to this F35 which will soon hit the market. Stay tuned.

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