iBoss blog: New Windows 10 Anniversary Security Features are Worth the Upgrade

This month the updated Windows 10 Anniversary Edition is now available for download. (Here is a list of offers on Microsoft’s blog.) There are several new security features worth mentioning, including Information Protection andDefender ATP (each of which will require a Windows 10 Enterprise E3 or E5 subscription respectively). I cover what these new features are and suggest that if you are using an earlier version, it might be time to upgrade on my iBoss blog post today.

1 thought on “iBoss blog: New Windows 10 Anniversary Security Features are Worth the Upgrade

  1. David, you, too! What a disappointment! Windows 10 is just another operating system, despite all the strurm and drang and hype of the last 18 months or so. What sets it apart from its predecessors is Microsoft’s over-the-top zeal to capture eyes, minds, hearts and revenue through Bing, Edge, the Microsoft Store, the Microsoft Cloud and all the other mechanisms to funnel users into the Microsoft way. And their tactics in the last year have been over over-the-top. People wake up one morning, power on their computers and find that their computers are now running Windows 10. Reprehensible. It’s just another operating system, with surveillance that can be disabled. Security? Ha! Whose?

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