FIR B2B Podcast #48: Content Marketers Need Journalists, Oh Yes They Do

Lois PaulIn this week’s episode, Paul Gillin and I pay homage to Lois Paul, who is retiring. The cofounder of Lois Paul and Partners and a respected technology journalist before that, she has been an inspiration to many people, including our co-hosts. Her work ethic, integrity and judgment are legendary in the New England PR industry and elsewhere. We expect that in retirement, Lois might cut her work week back to 35 hours. Whatever she does with her time, she will do it well.

A long post on the Curata blog asserts that “Content Marketers Desperately Need More Journalists.” It cites recent Curata research that shows that companies continue to invest heavily in content marketing but struggle to find quality content. At a time when the challenge of rising above the noise is greater than ever, why would you not want to hire people who already know how to do it? (We can offer a few suggestions, too!)

China is cracking down on news sites that use social media as sources, saying that tweets aren’t a substitute for good old-fashioned fact-checking. We wish more U.S. news organizations would take a cue from Beijing and be more responsible.

Finally, new research by Forrester finds that CMOs are feeling their oats. More than eight in 10 report that their performance is now lined with business targets and nearly 1/3 have P&L responsibility, which is way up from last year. Click below to listen to our podcast.

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