Coping with Mixed Operating Systems: Strategies for Supporting Enterprise Heterogeneity

Back in October 1993, I wrote a story for Computerworld about how IT shops are dealing with supporting a mixture of OS’s. Back then, we didn’t have Chrome OS, or BYOD, or even a common TCP/IP protocol that was in much use to connect disparate systems. I wrote then:

When it comes to supporting enterprise networks, heterogeneity has become a fact of life, and this is especially true when it comes to supporting operating systems. For better or worse, the networks of today have become a real mixed bag.

How very true. For a look back in time, check out the link above. And for a more modern story, I was interviewed on this topic for NewEgg’s B2B site, in this story: Support Chromebooks in a Windows Domain. This article links to some modern tools that can be used to administer mixed OS’s.

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