SearchSecurity: Multifactor authentication in the enterprise

Older than the Web itself, multifactor authentication is an IT security technology method that requires people to provide multiple forms of identification or information to confirm the legitimacy of their identity for an online transaction or in order to gain access to a corporate application. The goal of multifactor authentication use is to increase the difficulty with which an adversary can exploit the login process to freely roam around personal or corporate networks and compromise computers to steal confidential information, or worse.

This series began in October 2014 and continued over several articles with the last of the series running in January 2015:

And then I have specific reviews of some of the leading MFA tools:

One thought on “SearchSecurity: Multifactor authentication in the enterprise

  1. In the 21st century we need to move to leveraging our collection of devices in an automated process and reduce the workload on the human and the sneaker Net to move codes around. My collection of devices provides the redundancy and simplicity the users need to manage the ever increasing complexity. In addition, Consumers have a built-in biological response when they lose a laptop or a phone but no reaction at all when a password is remotely stolen or guessed.

    Steven Sprague

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