4 Ways Retailers Increase Sales With Mobile-Enabled Foot Traffic Analytics


Attendees of this year’s Super Bowl had the opportunity to stroll down Broadway in midtown Manhattan before the big game and receive personalized, location-specific shopping alerts. These alerts are made possible by mobile-enabled foot traffic technology, which retailers around the country are increasingly using as a way to better understand customer behavior and boost sales.Retailers use this technology to determine peak traffic behaviors, conversion rates and dwell times in the stores. You can read the article here on SoftwareAdvice about ways to increase foot traffic.

And here are a few of the many technologies that are available in this space.

Indoor Tracking Technologies Vendors

 Vendor URL Notable Features
Aisle Labs Shopper demographics
Aisle411 User navigate store maps
Brickstream 3D Tracking
Euclid Analytics Rich APIs
Gozio User navigate store maps
Iinside Precise locations on existing Wifi hardware
inMarket CheckPoints Pay-for-performance apps
Measurence Analytic tools
Mexia Interactive Precise locations on their hardware
Navizon REST API access
NEON Underground support
Qualcomm Gimbal Personal content delivery
Radius Networks Apple iBeacon support
Retail Next Wide software tools including POS integration
Shopper Trak Managed SaaS service
Solomo Technology Real-time map display
Store Analytics Analytics, tracking & targeting
Swarm POS integration
Turnstyle Solutions Push and SMS messaging
Walkbase A/B testing
YFind Precise locations and Wifi integration


2 thoughts on “ 4 Ways Retailers Increase Sales With Mobile-Enabled Foot Traffic Analytics

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