CA’s Nimsoft Monitor Snap video review

nimsoft dashMy latest in the series of video screencast reviews is out today on CA’s Nimsoft Monitor Snap. This is a completely free IT monitoring product that can track all sorts of things, including servers, desktops, VMs, routers, and more. It is simple to install and setup and runs on a Windows machine of relatively recent vintage. What’s the catch? Well, the free version is limited to 30 devices: if you want to monitor a larger network, you have to shell out some cash. But unlike other monitoring tools, it has a very shallow learning curve and you can see for yourself what it looks like and some of its more important features in my video here.

One thought on “CA’s Nimsoft Monitor Snap video review

  1. Based on years of experience, if you have options, stay away from Nimsoft. It has:
    1. beyond terrible technical support (slow, promise to give a callback for sev-1 case but there’s a tiny little chance that you’ll get one, support engineer that have moderate to little knowledge to fix your problem)
    2. account manager that won’t help much
    3. buggiest product I’ve ever encountered and hey, they don’t listen

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