Network World: Secure Auth Tops in Two-Factor Tokens

SecureAuth options2We all know that relying on a simple user ID and password combination is fraught with peril. One alternative is to use one of the single sign-on solutions we reviewed last year, but there are less expensive options that could also be easier to install. That’s where two-factor authentication services come into play. I recently reviewed eight such tools, including Celestix’s HOTPin, Microsoft’s PhoneFactor, RSA’s Authentication Manager, SafeNet’s Authentication Service, SecureAuth’s IdP, Symantec’s Validation and ID Protection Ser- vice (VIP), TextPower’s TextKey and Vasco’s Identikey Authentication Server. SecureAuth (illustrated) came out on top.

You can read my review in Network World here.

You can download the various screenshots here.

And you can follow the Twitter handles of the various vendors here.

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