Blogger in residence at SailPoint’s Navigate user conference

One of the more fun gigs I have is being the blogger on the ground during an event, and posting commentary and analysis in near-real-time on the sponsoring company’s blog. Today I am in Austin, along with a few hundred other identity geeks from the world’s largest companies at the SailPoint Navigate13 user conference. You can read my posts here on SailPoint’s blog:

And this article:

  • How do you future-proof your business?

At the Navigate opening session today, SailPoint CEO Mark McClain spoke to how to future proof your IAM. He mentioned several tenets that the company keeps in mind while rolling out new products and Web services. First, it has to have a user interface that is consumer-grade dirt simple with friendly UIs and nothing to learn. Second, it should build in governance from the start. It should make use of the existing access roles and policies that are already created elsewhere in the enterprise. This is indeed how SailPoint has built its business over the years. “Anything we build should have a range of built-in analytics too.” Next, it should function across the entire applications domain, spanning public and private clouds and handle all on-premises servers, too.

In addition to this work, I also have written this about what I saw at the conference:

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