SearchVirtualDesktop: Windows Intune shows promise at first glance

Windows Intune is Microsoft’s cloud-based antivirus software, and like other cloud antivirus products on the market that I reviewed earlier for Techtarget, it’s a bit rough around the edges. The product is a combination of Windows Defender anti-malware protection and the Windows System Center and Forefront management services. You can read my review published this week here.


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  1. Hi David,
    My concerns lie particularly with architecture and design issues. If you allow internet to branch offices and don’t backhaul internet through corporate thus centralizing internet in your enterprise how does one deploy AV updates to the edge? How does one manage the bandwidth that will be needed for this? What about legacy apps conflicts? Bill

    • The actual bandwidth required for the AV updates is very small — these files are pretty much noise level, compared to the day to day ops of your network. As long as you keep up with them — that is the rub. It took several days to get my aged PC thru the thousands of updates. But that was more the reboot dance than bandwidth.


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