SiliconANGLE: Fixing 25 years of email insecurity

I have been writing about email security for nearly 25 years (or more, depending on how you count things). Back in 1998, when Marshall Rose and I wrote our landmark book “Internet Messaging,” we said that the state of secure Internet email standards and products is best described as a sucking chest wound.” We had the publisher print a blank page in the book to signify how bad email security was. Well, perhaps we are still the walking wounded, although at least today we have better tools.

Most recently, I wrote a piece for SilconANGLE entitled, Fixing email security: It’s still a rocky road ahead. It begins:

The foundational protocols for making email more secure and less of a threat have been in place for almost a decade, yet they remain mostly unused, poorly implemented and largely ineffective. A recent report from Sendlayer shows just how much of a problem that is.

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