Dice (Strom archive)

I began writing articles for their business intelligence SlashBI site in June 2012. Dice once owned Slashdot.

Here are links to my articles that can be found on Dice Insights.

Dice Security Talent Community

From 2012-2014, I was the editor of this sub-site for Dice.com, the job listings site. (It has since been taken down.) Dice enhanced its content with a series of topic-oriented discussions and resources that would benefit its job-seekers. I curated the security content and included recommended resources, added my voice to the discussions forums, and wrote and posted short news articles.

Tom’s Hardware (Strom archive)

I ran the editorial operations of Tom’s Hardware during all of 2005. It is a huge collection of Web sites that covers ten different local language versions and has editors testing products in four different countries. While there I helped launch five new sites specializing in mobile products, gaming, news, and digital entertainment. You can read my thoughts on the 20th anniversary article here.

I now contribute the occasional freelance article to the site TomsITPro.com, here are links to my recently published work:

Here are some links to older stuff that you might be interested in:

Internet.com (Strom archive)

Once upon a time I flipped a domain, selling to what has become Internet.com’s various related sites, now owned by QuinStreet, back in the go-go early 1990s. For many years, I wrote for their various Web properties such as eSecurity Planet, Datamation, and CIOupdate. Here are links to some of my articles:

  • Virtualization update, virtual firewalls and hybrid clouds (Datamation, 5/11)
  • 12 Greatest Tech innovations of all time (Datamation, 4/11)
  • What to look for with Hybrid clouds (Datamation, 12/10)
  • Virtualization update, new desktops and software (Datamation, 11/10)
  • Best Smartphones for Exchange (Datamation, 8/10)
  • Virtualization update (Datamation, 6/10)
  • 8 Whole disk encryption options (eSecurityPlanet, 5/10)
  • Managing your Windows 7 migration (CIOUpdate, 5/10)
  • New networking features in Windows Server 2008 R2 (eSecurityPlanet, 4/10)
  • How to choose a DLP provider (eSecurityPlanet, 4/10)
  • Top Five Essential iPhone Apps for IT folks (CIOUpdate, 4/10)
  • Five questions to answer before moving to VOIP (CIOUpdate, 3/10)
  • Three steps towards high availability virtual machines (Datamation, 3/10)
  • Which data deduplication solution is right for you? (CIOupdate, 3/10)
  • Online Backup Buying Guide (eSecurity Planet, 3/10)
  • Virtual Machines: Running Virtual XP in Windows 7 (Datamation, 2/10)
  • Using Alternative DNS Providers (eSecurityPlanet, 2/10)
  • Are Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Starter Kits Worth the Effort?(CIOUpdate, 2/10)
  • Protecting your laptop from theft (eSecurityPlanet, 1/10)
  • Virtual Servers Update (Datamation, 12/09)
  • Five Steps to Making Virtual Desktops a Reality (CIOupdate, 11/09)
  • 17 notably bad products from great companies (ITManagement, 9/09)
  • Enterprise collaboration products (CIOUpdate, 7/09)
  • Proudly We Fail: 25 Dead Tech Products (Datamation, 7/09)
  • New developments and issues with server virtualization (Datamation, 4/09)
  • Taking control with real-time business process monitoring (CIOUpdate, 2/09)
  • Why you need to outsource your test lab (CIOupdate, 1/09)
  • IT Manager’s Legal Guide: Data Handling and Security (Datamation, 9/08)
  • The olympics video explosion (CIOupdate, 8/08)
  • Pros and Cons of laptops with solid-state drives (ITManagement, 7/08)
  • Server Virtualization Update (Datamation, 4/08)
  • Five questions to ask your MSP (CIOupdate, 8/07)
  • Network Discovery tools (CIOupdate, 5/07)
  • Ten questions to ask before buying an UTM product (Datamation, 4/07)
  • Four ways of remote access (CIOupdate, 4/07)
  • Comparing the leading server virtualization products (Datamation, 2/07)
  • The many myths of endpoint security (Datamation, 12/06)
  • Payment systems for eCommerce (Internet Journal, 1/99)

Baseline Magazine (Strom archive)

I was the Technology Editor for Ziff’s Baseline Magazine from 2008-2011 and wrote both columns as well as the TechKnow feature section in each month’s print edition.

Here are the links to my TechKnow feature stories that appeared in the print edition in 2008-2011:

I also wrote a series of columns in 2008:

eWeek/PC Week/Informa archive

I got my start in computer journalism back in 1986 when eWeek was called PC Week — I was part of the original launch team on its Connectivity section. Here is a short memorial to those early days. Here is my first bylined article for them on mainframe communications. And here is a description of how PC Week was my first breakout job. 

Here are articles from 1989 when we ran the first tests of different network topologies.

Here is a note about some of the people who I worked with when I was there and what they have accomplished since then.

Back then, PC Week was one of the flagship publications of Ziff Davis. Now it is part of Informa. Another stalwart was PC Magazine, I occasionally write stories for them. And Informa now owns the former CMP/UBM pubs.

During 2016, I wrote these stories for WindowsITpro, which is now called ITPro Today.

Here are links to eWeek Labs stories:

In 2006-8, I wrote a monthly column for eWeek’s Strategic Partner demographic about new technologies that the channel should keep an eye on. This content has been removed from the site.

  • May 2008: Time to talk about tablets
  • April 2008: Online backup for the channel
  • March 2008: Server repurposing comes to the channel
  • February 2008: Virtual processors
  • January 2008: Real-time presence-aware applications
  • December 2007: Virtual applications streaming
  • November 2007: The resurrection of JavaScript
  • September 2007: Towards better network applications intelligence
  • August 2007: Five Microsoft technologies to watch for the channel
  • July 20, 2007: How to sell IPTV
  • July 12, 2007: Microsoft extends its Lending Reach
  • July 11, 2007: SharePoint as your enterprise search app?
  • July 11, 2007: Microsoft partner dashboard announcement
  • June 25, 2007:Unified communications is the new frontier
  • June 6, 2007: Changes to the Linksys channel program
  • May 2007: Time is ripe for VARs to sell encryption
  • April 2007: Where’s the Remote? (Web-based remote control)
  • March 2007: Finding gold by using network discovery tools
  • February 2007: Prepackaged Linux SMB servers
  • December 2006: Selling managed SMB firewalls
  • November 2006: IM Profits for VARs
  • October 2006: The Asterisk VoIP ecosystem
  • September 2006: Selling online storage/backup
  • August 2006: Virtualization for VARs
  • July 2006:Getting a lock on endpoints for the channel.
  • June 2006: RFID the next old thing.
  • May 2006: VARs, Pay Attention to SaaS

In addition to these columns, I also contributed to an online community called ITLink. This also has been removed from the site.

During 2007-8, I interviewed various industry luminaries about channel and technology issues called the “Channel Chat” podcasts.

  • Mike Brunner, Wyse Technologies, Thin is in
  • Chander Kant, Zmanda, Open source data backups
  • Rich Bader, Easystreet Online Services, Building the Green Data Center
  • David Goodman, IT manager, Third-world IT support
  • Robert Packer, Presidio Networks, the challenges for selling to SMB customers
  • Gregg Kalman, Meru Networks,Enterprise Wireless Channels
  • David O’Berry, So. Carolina IT manager, on his predictions for 2008
  • Jake Player, TechTurn, making money from recycled PCs
  • Mike Adams,Lighthouse Computer Services, Picking the best storage vendor partners
  • Mark Damphouse, Trinet Systems, Selling converged VOIP solutions
  • Rob McKernan, APC, Power and cooling for the channel
  • Michael Baum, Splunk, Data navigation by the numbers
  • Wade Wyant, ITS, Selling Altiris managed desktop solutions
  • Bob Longo, Clearpointe, Data-less data center
  • Lane Smith, Do It Smarter, Selling managed services
  • Bernard Larouche, Symantec, Endpoint protection channel opportunities
  • Brian Gladstein, Bit9, Locking down your endpoints
  • TM Ravi, Mimosa Systems, Discovering email all over again
  • Neal Creighton, Ratepoint, Where your reputation preceeds you
  • Rich Bader, Easystreet, Managed data center services
  • John Powell, Virtela, Long distance carrier services
  • Mikki Sandorfi, Sepaton, Data protection and backup
  • Eran Farajan, Asigra, Managed backup services
  • Marc Osofsky, Optaros, Open Source meets SaaS
  • Vivek Khullar, DiVitas, The new breed of wireless VAR
  • Jason Crea, Sitecore, The evolution of software plus services
  • Chris Schwartzbauer, Shavlik Technologies, Four degrees of security VARs
  • Ari Tammam, Promisec, “The importance of regular security audits”
  • Deepak Thadani, Sysintegrators, “What VARs should know about firewalls”
  • Steve Harvey, Digium, “How to become a VOIP VAR”
  • John DiLullo, SonicWall, “Creating a Profitable Managed Services Offering”
  • Karen Hartsell, PGP Corp., “Pretty Good Partner”
  • Mark Eppley, “MobileMania”
  • David Goodman, “When VARs don’t add value”
  • Ann Revel-Pechar, “Can Resellers make online communities work?”

CMP/UBM/Informa (Strom archive)

I have a long history with CMP Media, then called United Business Media, now Informa — having worked at four full-time editorial positions. In 2013-2014, I wrote for one of their blogs called Solution Providers for Retail, how the channel can help retail businesses with their technology needs. Sadly, the blog has been since retired.

Earlier, I wrote a few pieces for a blog of Dr. Dobbs called Develop in the Cloud, mostly on app dev topics; and others for Internet Evolution. Those posts are gone to the sands of time too.

A few years ago I wrote a series of freelance pieces for InformationWeek.com. Most of these are also gone.

  • Top disruptive techs for 2008 (1/3/08)
  • Top tips for securing your laptop (11/24/07)
  • Five networking pet peeves (7/9/07)
  • How to get started with Web 2.0 (6/4/07)
  • Six decisions to deploy endpoint security (4/24/07)
  • Microsoft Still Trying to Get Open Source (4/4/07)
  • The growing need for personal firewalls (3/24/07)
  • How To Protect Your Precious PC Data: From Physical Security To Encryption (2/10/07)
  • Five disruptive techs to watch in 2007 (1/2/07)
  • Group chat evolving into E-Mail 2.0 (12/7/06)
  • Web 2.0 makeover strategies (11/28/06)

My first position with CMP was the founding editor-in-chief to launch Network Computing magazine back in the summer of 1990 — good times. (Here is a guest column that I wrote in 2000 on the magazine’s 10th anniversary.) My most recent article was Freddie Mac cashes in on Web services (9/18/06), a case study on the financial services firm.

In the fall of 2004, I worked for the Electronics Group and help launch a series of Web sites aimed at electronics designers under the DesignLine.com label, and hired its first staff of site producers. Finally, I started doing freelance work for VAR Business in 2000, and worked full-time as their Technology Editor during 2002-2004. Here is a page of the highlights from that era. (Some of these links are outdated.)