Running legacy apps on Windows 7 using InstallFree

InstallFree 7Bridge can virtualize and isolate applications from the rest of your desktop, so you can run older, legacy apps on more modern operating systems.

InstallFree 7Bridge
Pricing: $25 per endpoint with the first application included, additional applications are encapsulated by InstallFree at $5,000 per application plus an18% annual support/maintenance contract. There is also an enterprise edition that includes the ability to encapsulate your own applications. Volume discounts available.

Running IE v6 on Windows 7 with Symantec Workspace Virtualization

If you are looking for a way to run IE v6 on Windows 7 desktops, take a look at Symantec’s Endpoint Virtualization technologies. In less than three minutes you can see how this product works.

The software includes two different modules that are free of charge, including Workspace Virtualization administration and the Browser Selector tools. They are fairly simple to setup and flexible enough to isolate individual applications from the host Windows 7 OS.

Symantec Endpoint Virtualization
Entry level pricing starts at $45 per node

ITexpertVoice: Prowess SmartDeploy Eases Windows 7 Migration

SmartDeploy is a software tool that converts virtual machine disk files into Windows Image files that can be used to deploy new OSs, including Windows 7, across an enterprise. This screencast demonstrates its features. SmartDeploy is easier to use than Microsoft’s WAIK, and Kbox, both of which we reviewed earlier on
You can watch the video here:

Kace Kbox: Best Way to Massively Migrate Windows XP Desktops to Windows 7

Kbox (which was once part of Quest and Dell) is used to manage and control desktop system images that contain user files and applications and — with its Systems Management Appliance, sold separately — to do PC inventory and audits. It also works with both virtual and physical machines too. Unlike the PC Mover and Zinstall approaches, they are designed for large-scale deployments of hundreds or more PCs. This video was done in 2010.

Using Windows 7 Remote Server Administration Tools

RSAT makes it easier to manage your collection of Windows 2003 and 2008 servers remotely and securely from your Windows 7 desktop. This screencast shows how it works.

There’s plenty to learn, including setting up new file shares, managing the built-in Internet Information Server Web services, handling group policies and other sophisticated features. The installation is somewhat convoluted and you’ll want to spend some time reading the help files too.

See my screencast video at:

Using the Windows 7 PowerShell Scripting Environment

PowerShell ISE is a visual command-line editor that used to be called Graphical
PowerShell. In this video, we show you how to become familiar with its extensive
command set which can be used to automate common tasks.

You may view the latest post at ITExpertVoice here:

ITExpertVoice screencast: Using Windows 7 Mobility Center

Windows Mobility Center is a new feature of Windows 7. Microsoft has collected in one place for road warriors a powerful series of controls that can help you quickly connect to wireless networks, adjust your screen for presentations, and set up other important adjustments. No more hunting around the Control Panel settings for busy people on the go. This video shows you the lay of the landscape with Mobility Center.