Avast blog: Dave Piscitello working to make the internet a more secure place

Dave Piscitello of Interisle Consulting Group: 5 Things You ...I first met Dave Piscitello in the late 1990s when we served together on the Interop+Networld conference program committee, and collaborated on several consulting reports. He went on to create his own conference on internet security that ran from 1997-2000, then went on to work on security for ICANN until 2018. He serves on several international do-gooder infosec boards and is part of a consultancy called the Cybercrime Information Center that produces some very excellent reports on the state of malware, phishing, and domain name abuses. The most current report is on phishing, which shows that monthly attacks have doubled since May 2020. What makes his report powerful is that includes data from four commercial information sources, which collected more than a million unique attacks and publish their own blocklists. I wrote about his work and the state of phishing for my latest Avast blog here.


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