Avast blog: the evolution of self-sovereign data and Web 3.0 identity solutions

Earlier this month, Drummond Reed was one of the panelists at CoinDesk’s 2022 Consensus conference discussing “The Promise of Self-Sovereign Data and Web 3.0 Identity Solutions: Real or Mirage?” Reed, who heads Digital Trust Services for Avast, spoke about the evolution of these solutions and — like his fellow panelists — tried to frame Web 3.0 in terms of this perspective.

The session was moderated by Joe Cutler from Perkins Coie; other panelists included Richard Widmann, a strategy lead for Google Cloud; Tobias Batton, CEO of ExPopulus; and Lisa Seacat DeLuca, who is Director of Product and Engineering for Unstoppable Domains. They spoke about the evolution of Web 3.0 tech, what will tip it towards more general acceptance, and the role played by identities in the world of the blockchain.

You can read my reporting about this conference session in my latest blog for Avast here.

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