Avast blog: Improving the intersection between privacy and security

At this year’s Avast Data Summit, an internal event primarily intended for Avastians, a combination of Avast leaders and industry thought leaders gave seminars at the intersection of privacy, data, and security.

Many of the topics presented at the event can help you classify, work with, and better secure your data. Following these suggestions can better protect your customers’ privacy and improve your own corporate security profile.

Companies exist in a changing data landscape. There is an evolving collection of data sources and products that are used to produce reports, management objectives, and guide a variety of corporate initiatives such as improving customer experience and product features. The evolution of data means having a group of data curators who determine how trust relationships are determined and what data gets deleted and what is retained. This landscape was illustrated with the below diagram. I cover three main themes from the event: the importance of returning to security basics, understanding the nature of differential privacy, and how to use better tools to measure and improve your privacy and data governance.

You can read my report from the Summit on Avast’s blog here.

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