Two new posts on cybersec certifications advice from Infosec Resources

Figuring out your appropriate certification program isn’t easy and involves almost as much studying as preparing for the certification exams themselves. But these programs can have big payouts in terms of job advancement, increases in responsibility and salary. I wrote two posts for Infosec Resources.

In our first post, we presented the issues a manager should consider in building a training program for their company. Training budgets tend to be the first ones to be cut in any economic downturn and often don’t get fully funded even when the economy is improving. But training can also have a significant impact on an enterprise: it can increase the pool of available skills, help pave the way for a department to take on new challenges, improve morale and create a sense of purpose for workers. In this first post, I talk about what are some of the benefits of training and ways to measure them, explore some of the costs, and the four different modalities that you can use to design your own training program.

In the second post, I explore the benefits and costs from the individual’s perspective and what you should expect from a certificate program and how to evaluate a program. This post also has a handy comparison chart that shows your costs and other considerations from the major infosec certs.

Provider/Link Cost Other certifications to consider
COMPTIA Security+


$390 for 90-minute test Penetration testing, cybersecurity analyst and general IT courses too
EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)


$1200 for four-hour test More than a dozen cybersecurity specializations including disaster recovery, penetration testing
ISACA Certified Info Security Manager (CISM)


$760 for four-hour test for non-members but significant discounts for members, study materials extra Courses on risk management, data privacy and auditing
ISC2 Certified Cloud Security Practitioner (CCSP)


$549 for four-hour test Also offer numerous other cloud-based security classes and boot camps for above tests
Offensive Security Penetration Testing $800 for a one year subscription Three different levels, other certifications in web apps and devops
SANS Institute Network penetration testing $8,000 for in-person instruction at various locations around the world Dozens of courses covering a wide range of infosec topics


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