Network Solutions blog: an IT professional’s guide to virtual events

You’re in your comfort zone. Maybe you’re solving problems related to IT security, network management or cloud computing. Perhaps you’re helping someone reset their password or get set up on a VPN. Whatever the task is, you feel good about it. You understand your specialty, and you like to stay focused on doing what you do best. Then, one day, someone in your organization messages you and asks you to help run a virtual conference.

Time stops. Your hand freezes on the mouse. The text cursor blinks in the reply field, counting down the seconds until you have to respond. A virtual conference? How do you even start to prepare for something like that?

It might be outside of your wheelhouse, but the truth is that IT professionals like you have a critical role to play in facilitating and troubleshooting virtual conferences. Your team needs your help to ensure the event goes smoothly. You’ll need to choose the right conferencing solution, find event management software that fits your needs and learn how to work with a production team. Then, when the big day comes, you’ll have to perform live troubleshooting to make sure it stays on track.

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