Network Solutions blog: Honeypot Network Security, What It Is and How to Use It Defensively

What is a Honeypot | Honeynets, Spam Traps & more | ImpervaThe original idea behind honeypot security was to place a server on some random Internet link and sit back and wait until some hacker happened by. The server’s sole purpose would be to record the break-in attempt — it would not be part of a normal applications infrastructure. Then a researcher would observe what happened to the server and what exploit was being used. A honeypot is essentially bait (passwords, vulnerabilities, fake sensitive data) that’s intentionally made very tempting and accessible. The goal is to deceive and attract a hacker who attempts to gain unauthorized access to your network.

In this blog for Network Solutions, I describe their role in modern network security, compare the features of various commercial and open source products, and provide a series of tips on how to pick the right kind of deception product to fit your business’ needs.

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