Network Solutions blog: How to Counter Darkweb Threats With Proactive Security

Most of us tend to think about the web as a single destination, available through our browsers on our laptops and phones. But over the years there is a much more sinister portion of the web, called the dark web that isn’t easily discoverable by traditional search engines and could contains threats to your business operations and harm your reputation. I describe this shady underbelly and what kinds of information is available there, along with suggestions of tools that you can use to be more proactive about your security such as EchoSec Beacon,  Dark Owl ScannerSixGill’s DarkfeedRecorded FutureZeroFox and Digital Shadows’ Searchlight. These tools can help to provide near real-time access to threat data that is being shared on the darkweb on a variety of discussion forums and other places, again as a way to learn about the early stages of an attack.

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