HP Enterprise.nxt: Ways to expose your business to ransomware

No computing professional wants to encounter a ransomware attack. But these six poor IT decisions can make that scenario more likely to occur. Ransoms are not the result of an isolated security incident but the consequence of a series of IT missteps. Moreover, it often exposes poor decision-making that indicates deeper management issues that must be fixed. In this article for HPE’s Enterprise.nxt website, I discuss how these missteps can be corrected before you are the subject to the next attack.

1 thought on “HP Enterprise.nxt: Ways to expose your business to ransomware

  1. Systems fail. One of the problems with having highly reliable systems is that we fail to consider that they will fail. Will, not might. So we don’t design for that failure. Ransomware is merely one type of failure. Ransomware essentially says all your data are corrupt. If the design of mission-critical systems takes data corruption in the system as a certainty, then the system will have workable procedures for recovering from it.

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