Network World: Centrify tops the group of 7 SSO products

Since we last looked at single sign-on products in 2012, the field has gotten more crowded and more capable. A number of new vendors have come to ply their wares, and a number of old vendors have been acquired or altered their products.

Centrify admin dashbdFor this round of evaluations, we looked at seven SSO services: Centrify’s Identity Service (the overall winner who’s dashboard is pictured above), Microsoft’s Azure AD Premium, Okta’s Identity and Mobility Management, OneLogin, Ping Identity’s Ping One, Secure Auth’s IdP, and SmartSignin. In addition to these products, we also looked briefly at AVG’s Business SSO. Overall, products have expanded their authentication support, moving towards integrated mobile device management,  using more cloud-based solutions, and supporting more apps. You can read here the entire text of my review, published today.

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