The Well-Connected Restaurant: a new research report

The days when restaurants could rely exclusively on good food, an enjoyable ambiance, and word-of-mouth advertising are quickly coming to an end. More and more restaurants are discovering that they must use consumer-facing connected technologies such as websites, social networks, and mobile apps just to stay competitive.

Connected technology empowers restaurant customers. Consumers can locate restaurants, make reservations, browse menus and nutrition information, order food for delivery or pickup, pay for meals, and instantly redeem rewards. Connected technology can also free consumers from having to carry around an assortment of credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, and printed coupons.

Connected technology empowers restaurant merchants. Owners and managers want to keep in touch with customers, accept online and mobile orders and payments, increase sales and tips, and respond quickly and effectively to complaints. With competitors constantly showing up on their customers’ screens, they can’t afford not to use connected technology.

There is a lot more that Ira Brodsky and I have to say on the subject:

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