Online reputation management using McAfee’s Trusted Source

TrustedSource and other sites are used to answer questions such as – is someone sending spam that looks like it is coming from my domain, called spoofing? Has my Web site been compromised recently? Do I have an open relay email server that I don’t know about? The Internet is a nasty place, and the idea that a service can be watching globally for exploits is a good one.
Secure Computing Inc.
55 Almaden Boulevard, Suite 500
San Jose, CA 95113

Category: Internet reputation management
Free service, although registration required for additional features
Summary: TrustedSource has a variety of tools to investigate spoofing, spamming, and bot net proliferation that is taking place using your domain names. It is also included as part of a series of products offered by Secure Computing and others as a way of providing real-time threat blocking services.
Pros: Easy to use, a wide variety of information is presented in clear detail
Cons: It is a lot like brushing your teeth; you need to develop a daily habit of checking your site.

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