Protecting your Web browsing with McAfee’s Web Protection Service

McAfee/Secure Computing’s Secure Web Protection service offers a proxy server to protect both malware and not-worksafe Web sites. It is a simple and unbotrusiveway to protect your browsing. It isn’t useful for protecting Web servers from inbound attacks, for example, and shouldn’t substitute for a fully-featured intrusion appliance, but it can protect individuals and small networks especially with a lot of home-based and remote office users. It is based on the company’s experience with both its TrustedSource reputation management (see the separate review here) and its Secure Web security appliances.

Version: 1.0

Secure Computing 55 Almaden Boulevard, Suite 500, San Jose, CA 95113
Product category: Web filtering and malware protection service
Pricing: 30-day free trial of the service for up to 250 users.
12 month subscription for both malware and filtering is $5 a month per user for 25 users. Quantity discounts available, and just filtering is less.

We tested the beta version of the service on a small network in September 2008.

• Dashboard shows you status at-a-glance and easy to setup
• All critical features managed by a Web browser
• Uses the global intelligence features of

• Service needs improvement to stop malware from entering via SSL connections

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