Book review: Detecting Malice by Robert Hansen

In his ebook Detecting Malice, Robert Hansen has a difficult task. To compile in one place a variety of attack descriptions and forensic methods for various Internet intrusions. He does a great job of covering the landscape, talking in plain language without a lot of technical jargon and with many clear examples. If you have never read packet captures this book will be an eye opener, and if you have some exposure to hacking tools and Web traces then you will do fine with the examples that he portrays.

Think that your Web site is immune from these exploits? Think again. Just about everyone has some kind of exposure, and part of understanding exactly what that is is being able to get into the bad guys’ mindset and see how they can penetrate your servers.

I highly recommend this book, well worth the time and money. It will stimulate your thinking and certainly raise your level of paranoia, and perhaps level of motivation, to lock things down.

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