PC World: Is it time to switch to an all-wireless network?

In a word, yes. If you haven’t looked at your network cabling in a quite awhile, it might be time to consider upgrading to an all-wireless network infrastructure. Why? Because wireless is a very viable option that can connect all your PCs together.

You can read my column in PC World here.

0 thoughts on “PC World: Is it time to switch to an all-wireless network?

  1. I agree for most folks a wireless network is a great idea. But for some who move a large amount of data I find my gigabit network to be almost irreplaceable.

    With the video age already upon us the need to more larger files has become very important. From Tivo to the server of what have you.

    Before some one jumps from a wired 100 mb network to a slower wireless network they might want to see what they will be losing.

    That being said for most users, email and web surfing the slower speeds of the wireless networks are still faster then most Internet connections.

    A good document on

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