CSOonline: Third-party software supply chain threats continue to plague CISOs

The latest software library compromise of an obscure but popular file compression algorithm called XZ Utils shows how critical these third-party components can be in keeping enterprises safe and secure. The supply chain issue is now forever baked into the way modern software is written and revised. Apps are refined daily or even hourly with new code which makes it more of a challenge for security software to identify and fix any coding errors quickly. It means old, more manual error-checking methods are doomed to fall behind and let vulnerabilities slip through.

These library compromises represent a new front for security managers, especially since they combine three separate trends: a rise in third-party supply-chain attacks, hiding malware inside the complexity of open-source software tools, and using third-party libraries as another potential exploit vector of generative AI software models and tools. I unpack these issues for my latest post for CSOonline here.

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