SiliconANGLE: Here are the major security threats and trends for 2024 – and how to deal with them

What a year 2023 was for cybersecurity!

It was a year the world became obsessed with generative artificial intelligence — and a year that brought new breaches with old exploits, a year that brought significant consolidation in the security tools marketplace, and a year when passkeys finally took hold, at least for consumers.

Are businesses better secured than before? Hardly. Attackers have continued to get more sophisticated, hiding in plain sight and using sneakier ways to penetrate enterprise networks. Ransomware is still a thing, and criminals are getting clever at using multiple tactics to extort funds from their victims.

In this story for SiliconANGLE, I’ve has collected some of the more notable predictions for 2024, and offer my own recommendations for best security practices.

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