This week in SiliconANGLE

Here are the ones from the first part of the week.

  1. I did a video interview for a sponsored virtual event for TheCube here, talking about ransomware, air gapped networks, and other reasons to secure your data. 
  2. An analysis of Infrastructure As Code — where it comes from, why it is important, and why it can be both blessing and trouble for IT and devs.
  3. An analysis of everyone’s least favorite hacking group, Lazarus of North Korea, and how they are changing tactics and using Telegram as a command channel, and scooping up millions of dollar-equivalents.
  4. This week, Ukraine’s largest telecom carrier got hit with a massive cyberattack. They are gradually bringing stuff back on line, including the ordinary (like people’s cell phones and bank’s ATMs) and the war-related stuff to target the people most likely to have originated the attack (you know who they are).
  5. A new report from Cloudflare shows their growth in internet traffic along with other interesting stuff such as outages and the percentage of those poor souls who are still using ancient TLS versions.
  6. Another report that examines the past year or so of various cyber attacks and other assorted breaches from a very well respected source at MIT.

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