This week in SiliconANGLE

Happy holidays! Here are my stories for the week:

  • The group behind LockBit ransomware is now exploting the Citrix Bleed vulnerability, which made big news last month and still at risk for thousands of devices around the world. US and Australian cybersec officials released a security advisory this week that provide the details, and my article follows up with what is going on with this very dangerous and prolific ransomware operation.
  • The group behind the Phobos ransomware is also stepping up its game too.
  • I examine a series of recent cloud security reports, some surveys of IT managers and some taken from actual network telemetry of customers and public sources, to show a not very rosy picture of the situation. Secondary issues such as security alerts take too much time to resolve, and risky behaviors fester without any real accountability to prevent or change.

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