SiliconANGLE: This week’s news

I have known John Kindervag for many years, going back to the days when Novell Netware was a major power and Interop a must-see international conference. Yes, those dinosaurs have become extinct, but John soldier’s on with promoting zero trust networking far and wide. Now he is with Illumio, which seems like a great fit. I interview him for a post here.

Have you heard the term purple teams in reference to IT security? There is yet another new vendor on the purple scene, and the purple trend is catching on, albeit slowly. The notion is to have both defenders and attackers collaborate, and learn something from each other. Here is my take on the situation.

Finally, there has been yet another NFT hack, this time with one of the OG NFT marketplaces OpenSea. It is not their first time when funds were stolen. You would hope by now they would have gotten their act together. Here is my post about the situation.

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