SiliconANGLE news: Preventing MFA Fatigue, New IoT compromise attacks

Two new analysis blogs for SiliconANGLE this week:

  1. Preventing MFA Fatigue.There is a new wave of infections spreading throughout the world that has nothing to do with COVID or, for that matter, any other physical disease. Called multifactor authentication fatigue, it’s highly contagious and spreads through the deception of determined hackers who want to steal users’ account details. But here is the irony: The more MFA a company uses, the greater the chance that a potential MFA fatigue attack will succeed.
  2. Codesys IoT vulnerability discoveredMicrosoft security researcher Vladimir Tokarev demonstrated an interesting attack on the industrial internet of things automation software called Codesys. Tokarev, who showed the exploit last week at the annual BlackHat security conference in Las Vegas, used a miniature elevator model to demonstrate how the attack could crash its cab. The software – and more importantly, its software development kit — is widely used in millions of programmable logic controller or PLC chips that run everything from traffic lights and water treatment plants to commercial building operations automation and energy pipelines.

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