Come Fly With Me

As a frequent flyer, I used to have these rules. Like, never take the last connecting flight out of a hub. Or don’t connect unless you are prepared to spend the night. And always keep moving when your flight is cancelled — getting closer to home is far better than standing still.

One of my rules was to never fly any airline that was ever in chapter 11. Well, that limits me to Jet Blue and Southwest, not that I mind taking them.

Anyway, enough about me. I just came across a wonderful airline blog called Enplaned that is well worth your reading. He (or she, not clear who the author is, don’t you just hate that) has some great content on the evolution of airline reservation systems, the differences between the major carriers in terms of “scope clauses” that determine the size of their planes that their own pilots must fly, the whole debacle of Independence Air (which had the most temporary of terminals in the eternal construction zone otherwise known as Dulles airport), the relationship between regional and national flag carriers, and so much more. For people who fly because they have to, this is one educational read.

And while we are flying around the blogosphere, the “Fly With Me” podcasts from a real airline pilot Joe d’Eon is a wonderful collection of audio interviews, commentary, and insights from people who serve us every day.

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