Building Java apps quickly with Servoy Developer

Servoy Developer is a Java enterprise rapid applications development environment. I have always thought of Java as write once and debug everywhere, but the Servoy tools are changing that with the ability to develop a single code base that can be deployed across Windows, Mac, Linux, and run in a wide variety of browsers too.

Next, download the Servoy .JAR package or use the EXE if you are running Vista. One nice thing is this is free and a fully functioning version with up to five licensed clients, what they call their community edition. It includes the application server, support for Eclipse. and a lightweight Web server too.

Servoy Developer v. 4.0

Pricing details: $895 plus $349 per concurrent client
Product category: Java app development enviroment
Servoy USA, 299 W. Hillcrest Drive Suite 115, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
(805) 624-4959,

Summary: Servoy has a lot to offer Java developers and a nice way to deploy multiuser Web 2.0 applications from a single code base.
• All open source tools and methods here.
• A very rich visual programming environment that can quickly build apps.
Cons: There is a lot to get used to and the user interface is a bit hard to navigate.
General 4.0 Resources – Flash Movies, PDF Files, Reviewer Guide

eEye Blink Security Software

eEye Digital Security’s integrated endpoint security agent Blink offers a wide variety of protective measures, including personal firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware, host intrusion prevention, and overall system registry and executable file protection. We tested the product in August 2008 and demonstrate some of the ways these features work together and how easy they are to configure. There are versions for personal use as well as ones that communicate with a central policy server too.

Blink v 4.0.4,, runs on Windows 2000 or later versions both 32 and 64 bit too
eEye Digital Security, 111 Theory Suite 250 Irvine, CA 92617

Pricing details: Personal $25/yr (3 for $35), Professional $290 for 10 one-year licenses
For more information please go to


  • various security services all covered with a single agent
  • Powerful policy management tools
  • Enterprise manager works via hardware or software


  • Individual users can’t review report archive
  • Can’t add custom ID theft rules Appointment Scheduling Service

TimeDriver isn’t a shared calendar or simple meeting scheduler. Rather, it is a free service that lets you add a self-service scheduling link to Web pages and e-mails so people can book your time without conflicts and manage events on your electronic calendar.

TimeTrade Systems Inc. 100 Crosby Drive, Bedford, MA 01730, 781-541-5800

Category: Appointment scheduling software

Pros:Simple to setup and use, free of charge and feature rich

Appointments can be offered via email or Web pages

Cons: Outlook users need to be online to sync their appointments and busy time for scheduling to work well

Negotiated group meetings are better handled with other services

Price: Free

Requirements: Works with IE, FF, and Safari on both Mac and Windows Integrates with Microsoft Outlook (plug-in required) and Google Calendar.