How to minimize your cyber risk with Sixgill

In this white paper sponsored by the security vendor Sixgill, I explain why the dark web is such a critical part of the cybercrime landscape, and how Sixgill’s product can provide cybersecurity teams with clear visibility into their company’s threats landscape along with contextual and actionable recommendations for remediation. I cover the following topics:

  • How the dark web has evolved into a sophisticated environment well suited to the needs of cybercriminals.
  • What steps these criminals take in the hopes of staying hidden from cybersecurity teams.
  • How Sixgill uses information from the underground to generate critical threat intelligence – without inadvertently tipping cybercriminals off to the fact that an investigation is underway.
  • Why Sixgill’s rich data lake, composed of the broadest collection of exclusive deep and dark web sources, enables us to detect indicators of compromise (IOCs) before conventional, telemetry-based cyberthreat intelligence solutions can do so.
  • Which factors businesses and organizations need to consider when choosing a cyber threat intelligence solution.

You can download my white paper here.

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