FIR podcast with Shel Holtz: Does PR have a data gap?

This week Paul Gillin and I are guests on Shel Holtz’ For Immediate Release podcast.  We talk about these topics:

  • In a follow-up to a report last week, a PR agency owner takes issue with the Center for Public Relations’ survey on the industry’s view of White House communications.
  • Real estate site Zillow sent a cease-and-desist letter to a blogger who, it turns out, wasn’t violating their intellectual property at all. Still, there are lessons here for bloggers and companies.
  • While media outlets are increasingly interested in data journalism, PR doesn’t seem to be pitching many data stories.
  • A UK organization accidentally sent members an email telling them their passwords had been reset. That was just its first mistake.
  • Voice search and smart audio are coming to the enterprise, which means it will have a place in the B2B world.
  • Venture Capital CEO Dave McClure was outed in the New York Times for inappropriate behavior with a woman who was hoping to work for his company. He penned an apology. He should have done a few other things instead.
  • Tech correspondent Dan York reports Instagram’s new anti-spam tools, Facebook’s penalties for people who post too many links, Alibaba’s plans to compete with Amazon’s Echo, and new widgets in WordPress 4.8.

You can listen to our hour-long podcast here.

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