The state of the WiMax universe

I’ve know Paul Kapustka for many years, back when we both worked at CMP the first time around for both of us. Paul is starting a new venture called and his first report is out. He charges $150 for subscriptions, but given the depth of his analysis and insights, it is well worth the fee if you care about broadband wireless and some of the other topics that he has cued up. Did you know that you can get WiMax in about a dozen different cities around the US (sadly, not St. Louis), including of all places Pahrump, Nevada? Did you know where Sprint stands on its WiMax efforts?  How about what the major players are doing in terms of interoperability? All this and more, as they say.

The report is 23 pages and filled with lots of great info. Unlike some other analyst reports from F_____ and G_______ and others, this is completely free of vendor sponsorship — it is pure Paul.

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