Codeless Ajax Development with Alpha Five

Alpha Five is a powerful database and Web applications server and development environment that has been around for many years and continues to get more powerful but not at the expense of ease of use.

We tested Alpha 5 v10 on a Windows XP running SP2 in February 2010.

There are numerous tutorials, along with documentation, copious code examples and videos:


Alpha Five v10
70 Blanchard Road,
Burlington, MA 01803

Prices: Developer $349
Application Server $599, both for $799
Unlimited Runtime licenses $599
Windows XP or later required with at least IE v7 or Firefox 3.0

2 thoughts on “Codeless Ajax Development with Alpha Five

  1. I purchased Alpha Five v10 Developer last night, and noticed that the confirmation notice stated “(upgrade)”. Does this imply that it is an upgrade to some other package? If so, what is the other package? My understanding is that Windows XP or later and at least IE v7 or Firefox 3.0 are required prerequisites. There were also, stated requirements of AJAX and knowledge of primarily Java script and XML (AJAX), and a few other mentions. Are there other specific software requirements before the developer can be utilized?


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