Favorite security stories of the week

This week I am in Detroit, learning about what Ford is doing to improve their cars. In the meantime, here are my top ten stories about network security from the trades:

1: South Korean Universities Targeted By Chinese-Speaking Hackers

2: Android Devices Become New Target of Ransomware Scams

3: Gartner: ‘Containerisation’ is not a BYOD panacea

4: Source code for Carberp financial malware gets leaked online

5: Taking a closer look at the Glazunov exploit kit

6: How to Avoid Digital Life Doom with Facebook Graph Search

7: Google Mine Wants To Track Your Stuff

8: How to build your first Firefox OS Cracking App

9: World of Warcraft mobile auctions closed after rash of account hijacks

10: Mobile Malware Plays Hide and Seek

You can find links to other security stories, training classes, job openings and articles of interest on the Dice Security Talent Community that I curate each week here.

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