Windows Media Player error c00d11b1 solved

I have a report from a usually reliable correspondent about DRM issues with Vista and Windows Media 11 issues caused by this week’s automatic update. After the update is applied, when you try to play any of your MP3 files — whether they have DRM or not — you get a strange error COOD11B1 code with little information about what is wrong. There is a Microsoft website that checks the DRM components on your machine and then upgrades them: .  Mind you, this is after running Microsoft/Windows Update which reports back that “Windows is up to date”.  You need to download this patch to remove the error code and get everything working again.

Another nail in the DRM coffin. But at least now you know how to fix the problem.

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  1. Thank you for your information, however I clicked on the link in your explanation and unfortunately the ‘upgrade’ button was gray (I couldn’t press it). Do you have any solution? Please help!

  2. Did the needful as mentioned for the C00D11B1 problem. It did upgrade however when I tried to play the media file it cameback exactly with the same message.

    Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file. For additional assistance, click Web Help.

    Not solved. Help if you can.

  3. Tried all with no success…Turns out that I was being pointed in the wrong direction. The error had nothing to do with the sound card or DRM license, rather the firewall on the router was preventing the streaming file. I disabled the router firewall and it was a go.

  4. Media player was reporting this error code to me for the last several months whenever playing ANY purchased music. Nothing in any article or anything else on the Internet referencing this error code worked to solve it. HOWEVER I just solved my issue and feel compelled to report it. I figured out that deleting ALL the files in the folder: C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsDRM as well as the files in the “Cache” folder beneath that was the magic trick. I don’t know if you need to delete from both folders, but I did and it worked for me. Note that media player had to re-download the licenses. Good luck!

    • Well T that was a good idea but it still didnt work for me i tried everything on this frigen forum and nothing is working as of 09/18/10
      still looking for help ??

  5. Thank you # are my hero..i just got done downloading cow boy beebop and couldnt watch it because WMP 11 wasnt working. once again ty ^_^

  6. hi all, i’ve read at least 10 different forums on how to solve C00D11B1. i tried the registry idea… no luck, tried uninstalling samsung… didn’t have it to begin with… so i uninstalled all things to do with my mobile (sony ericsson)… that almost worked (movied was v skewed but showed bits of picture). then i installed xp codec pack 2.3.2 voila it works!!!
    guys, i can’t begin to explain how useless i am with comps and how frustrating i find them!!! but i hope this helps someone! in the meantime, after much uploading and installing of various rubbish, i’m now going do my much needed virus check!
    happy problemsolving!

  7. I’ve tried all the above without success. I have even backtracked to Media player 10 (on XP Home) and still get the dreaded C00D11B1 but I have determided that copy protected will not play but unprotected will!!. If I try to update my licences i also get the error. What now – I’m getting fed up!1


  8. I have XP and used T’s Codec download. It gave me a new icon – Media Player Classic – which now plays my files, but I can’t get this programme set as the default movie file viewer and the standard media player/Winamp/RealPlayer still aren’t working. Have I missed something?

  9. #13 Thank you! Downloaded the codecs and now everything is working perfectly. I thought I already had all the codecs I needed, guess I was wrong. So grateful…

  10. Ive tried loads and no joy, why have microsoft not fixed this ??????

    i have vista and media player 11.

    error: C00D11B1

    downloaded the codecs, cannot find the file drm to delete.

    still not working, any ideas?

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  12. I clicked on the link in your explanation and unfortunately the ‘upgrade’ button was gray (I couldn’t press it). Do you have any solution? Please help!

  13. I’m getting C00D11B1, but what’s interesting (and strange) is that it only applies to video files that are on a website. If I have a .mpg file on my computer, it plays fine. If I upload it to my web, I can’t play it from WMP. Yet if I download it from the web, it again plays fine. So it isn’t a file corruption problem.

    I tried #13, but it didn’t have any effect. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling WMP 11 with no improvement. I’m on an XP system. Oh yes, this problem is relatively “new” in that I know it was working 2 months ago. I Restored my system to a few weeks ago, but that didn’t change anything.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    • Did you ever get a solution to

      “Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file. For additional assistance, click Web Help.”

      on your Windows XP machine. It used to work for me, then just stopped.

  14. For people running media player 11 for vista…if you have samsung pc studio uninstall it and media player should work…seems random but works for some reason.

  15. #13 worked for me too! Thanks T. I don’t know how people figure out this stuff, but it sure saves tons of frustrations for us regular users. I already had the coreavc_professional_edition codec package installed which I paid money for but it didn’t do the job. Also, I might add when I got the c00d11b1 error message, in the lower left of media player it said “codec required”, or something similar.

  16. I had the same problem with VISTA and WMP 11. Solution: A little change must be done in the registry! Very easy:Push the “start” button of VISTA and type “regedit” in the search button.
    Push “enter”. Look for the column HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Audio
    Double click on “DisableProtectedAudioDG” appearing in the right window. Change number 1 into 0.
    Close registry and restart your PC. It worked.

    • For all of you with vista…THIS REALLY WORKS!!!

      I have tried everything evereyone here said. And had a three page long email from a YouSee Play supporter, that didn´t do it either…But changing the 1 to 0 in Registry did.
      Thank you!!!

    • I can’t find “audio” once I get to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microft/Windows/CurrentVersion/.

      What am I doing wrong? As a vista user, it seems that this fixed the error – but can’t set the registry (or really find) to 0.

      PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  17. Well I downloaded the #13’s link and it worked, then today I go to play another file and it is coming up with the error again! ??????????????

  18. Thank you Mr T – you the man! (Answer 13) I used K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 3.8.5 (google it) , another codecs package, and it worked , worked, worked, can stream media from internet again. WMP11 sucks. What’s new?

  19. Just wanted to post that I am using
    Vista Home Premium and the Vista Codec pack did not work for me but XP Codec pack from #13 did. Thanks alot.

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  21. i have tried everything suggested here, including downloading and installing all the codec packs, and it doesn’t work for me. my problem isn’t with videos or steaming, it is when trying to play any .mp3 or .wma file on windows media player. 2 out of 3 times i get the C00D11B1 error, the other time it plays fine. it seems to be completely random.

  22. Running WMP 11 on XP Professional and getting this error whenever I try to play .AVI files. Any .AVI file. This is on a network that has no internet access, so I can’t just blindly sift through codecs and updates. Any suggestions?

  23. #46, URDMAN!

    I kept trying to ‘upgrade’ the DRM crap on my WMP11 (XP Pro) and just could not do it. I downloaded the ‘reset’ utility and proceeded to play the video. Voila! The WMP asked me to Upgrade the DRM component and then proceeded to play the video (EUFA soccer video).

    Thanks a million!


  24. For months I have been stumped with this problem, and when i downloaded my video clips off my camera and they didn’t work, I knew I had to find a solution, I deleted Media Player 11, which gave me Media Player 9, didn’t work, got Media Player Clasic and all worked fine except when I wanted to make a home movie the files were rejected again by Windows Movie Maker. So I read through this help and when Tara,#17, mentioned a Samsung Mobile Phone, I realised that I installed my Mobile phone’s softwear when I reinstalled XP, and then when sd89 backed it up, I deleted the softwear and YES it worked. Well done guys and thank you. My thoughts are to delete any new softwear that you installed prior to noticing the c00d11b1 notification.

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  26. Vista home premium user with WMP 11,
    Post 46 Mikel fixed my issue… the links were invalid, hold onto the program tho because the DRM will likely get corrupted again… stupid wmp

  27. Thankxxx Number 13, you just saved my computer from been thrown out of the 36th floor into the street on the 5th avenue.
    And probably been broken to pieces, which means you just saved me a whole new computer to buy for my girlfriend + the embarrassment of breaking, punching and destroying her PC.

    We thank you

    Usher Mor & Jessica Donaghy

  28. this is very simple,this is how i fix this error
    For people running media player 11
    Windows Media Player error c00d11b1 solved

    1-open your windows media player 11
    2-righ clic on top to open diferent options
    3-clic on tools then clic on options
    4-when you see the options clic on file types
    then select all file.
    this will fix the problem

    the problem is for some reason(avi-mp3-options is uncheck and this is the reason for that error. when you check all box in file types will fix the problem and you can play avi-mp3 or any file abailable wiht your windows media player 11.

    • I have tried this as well as deleting the DRM and downloading the codec for XPhome and uninstalling 11 going back to 9 still nothing is working as of 09/18/10

  29. Graferl (#41),

    Your instructions got it working for me!

    I was suddenly unable to play songs from my Switchfoot – Nothing Is Sound CD and was quite stressed as a result of.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to post how to rectify that.

    If anyone would be so kind, would someone mind telling me exactly why all of a sudden my registry was altered, resulting in being unable to play the songs from the CD?

    By the way, the CD was DRM “protected.”

  30. #46 Thank you. I tried once, got an error, rebooted and tried again – the DRM reset was successful the second time and I am now able to play downloaded music on WM 11 after several hours of searching for a solution!! Thank you again!

  31. Then today I attempted to listen to some tunes (after powering up) and it’s giving me the error. So whatever I did on 6/11, was not permanent or has changed.

  32. ellow 2 all pips…, i know some ppl stil not fixed this kind of.., lets jus call it “bad mood” 😛
    to all runin WIN. XP and w/ grapic card! like kevin#13 sad its all about DIrectX toO.,, o_O

    install again your graphic card DISK.
    RUN costum
    Uncheck all eccept DirectX “ENTER”
    restart.., and thats it you can play your mp3.avi.ect
    and absulutely sleep HAppY w/ smiling FaCe 🙂

    xxxK3NJ1xxx A.K.A Comm of Commanders

  33. This is driving me nuts. I’ve tried everything here. Whether it works or not is totally random. To get WMP working, I have to reboot and try, reboot and try, until eventually it works.

    What’s really bizarre is that I’ve got two nearly identical machines. One is running 32-bit Vista Home Premium (problem one), the other 64-bit Vista Ultimate (no problems).

    The media I’m trying to play is all CD’s ripped by WMP, or wmv files (movie and game trailers) downloaded from the web.

    This Vista HP machine is clean, I recently formatted and re-installed the OS, ran all updates (maybe the problem). This exact same computer running the exact same OS (pre-wipe) worked perfectly. It’s got to be one or more of the updates installed (pre-wipe I had not installed many updates).

  34. instale el nuevo reproductor windows media player y de repente varias peliculas no se reproducen y me pone cerrar o ayuda en la web.le doy a ayuda en la web y me sale lo siguiente:error C00D11B1
    alguien me podria decir por favor que es y como puedo solucionarlo
    intale la actualizacion y nada instale el nuevo reproductor windows media player y de repnte varias peliculas no se reproducen y me pone cerrar o ayuda en la web.le doy a ayuda en la web y me sale lo siguiente:error C00D11B1
    alguien me podria decir por favor que es y como puedo solucionarlo

  35. Yep. Working offline worked!
    My problem was it wasnt working for one specific avi file. all other songs worked.
    Thanks #25

  36. Clearly Microsoft does not care — there are thousands of posts on numerous forums offering solutions some of which work some of the users all of the time, some of the users none of the time or for some users some of the time. I uses Vista and XP on different computers – WMP11 WMP10 and have spent numerous hours trying to resovle. I am not comfortable downloading Codecs unless the links are on the microsoft site — next option — try Apple

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  38. *** DRM SOLUTION **** Regarding C00D11B1 (the DRM error), everyone is focusing on the wrong thing! As soon as NetFlex tech support told me it was a PROFILE issue and that the only way to fix it was to create a new profile, I knew there had to be a better solution. A little googling revealed this simple fix (worked for me with Vista and Dell XPS200 with ATI Radeon X600 after installing latest drivers from

    In Internet Explorer, click Tools – Internet Options – Advanced – Reset.

    Presto. No more DRM problems. Obviously it’s an IE issue. So much for NetFlix tech support and 1000’s of forums with all these convoluted steps. I figured this out on my own in about 10 minutes. I called NetFlix tech support to let them know. 😉

    Note: Make sure you back up your settings, bookmarks, toolbars, etc. first just in case. However, the only things you really lose of value are your cached URL’s & cookies (i.e. saved password, forms data, etc). If you use a password manager like RoboForm anyway (which you should be using), then you won’t even notice. You can even re-enable your disabled IE add-ins and plugins after this resets them simply by going to Tools – Manage Add-ons – Enable or Disable Add-ons. No need to even reinstall the apps! How’s that for a 10 second fix to something people have been blogging about for a year? 😉

  39. NICE! I wasted a good two hours trying to solve this problem. Your suggestion took all of 30 seconds to fix my Media Player problem. Thanks!

  40. Friends i am also facing the same problem. How do i rectify it. I am unable to play the .3gp files on my laptop. kindly advice. i followed the forum instructions to delete those C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsDRM but i am unable To find the DRM

  41. I had a customer who had this same issue but all of the above suggestions thus far did not cure the problem but here is what I did …. open media player, Right click on the upper left media player symbol, go to tools then options then click on the network tab and uncheck UDP. click apply then OK.

    This cured the c00d11b1 error when trying to play some online videos.

    • Was unable to stream a particular online video in WMP 11( XP with SP3 and MS updates through 10/09 ) Did #13. Not fixed. Did #59. Not fixed. Did #76. FIXED!

      Thank you Mike!

      Note: In this WMP 11 I clicked on “Tools” (because I have the optional “Show Classic Menus” bar diplayed), then clicked on “Options”, then clicked on the “Network” tab, then unchecked “RTSP/UDP”. Click “apply”. Click “OK”.

  42. regsvr32 quartz.dll <— worked for me. I tried every single solution above beforehand…. no luck on any. I *did* have Samsung Studio installed but SD89’s fix was a no go.

  43. I have the same problem and was advised by tech help on website to try the following
    “regedit” in the search button.
    Push “enter”. Look for the column HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Audio
    Double click on “DisableProtectedAudioDG” appearing in the right window. Change number 1 into 0.
    Close registry and restart your PC.I could only get as far as’current version’ there doesn’t appear to be an ‘audio’ here.

    Any suggestions, please?

  44. I also get this annoying message when I try to play a mp4 movie. I’ve installed a program which recognises the codecs the movie you want to play needs. It says that I installed the correct codecs, but it still won’t play. I’ve tried almost everything..
    Can anyone help?

  45. I’m on a Windows XP SP3 system. Tried everything on this page, and nothing worked. Found this somewhere else and FINALLY, my Windows Media Player 11 is back to normal. ♦ Click start, run • type in: regsvr32 quartz.dll • press enter ♦ ··· The fix was immediate – no system restart required. GOOD LUCK! 🙂

  46. # 80 I have tryout everything but your proposal was succeed. There is one thing you have to think about… You have to Seek for quartz.dll on your harddisk and then when you find the file quartz.dll on the C:disk usually in Windows map C:windows/system32, then you have to run (regsvr32 quartz.dll, it´s works for me. You are the best #80

  47. I tried everything above and could not get any streaming audio to work. So this is what I did.

    I went to Add/Remove programs, and unistalled WMP 11 and restarted the computer. Then unistalled WMP 11 runtime and restarted the computer.

    Next I ran WMP which happened to be version 9 … after setting it up, since it rolled back from version 11, I closed it and downloaded version 10 from the microsoft website. After installing and setting it up for the first time, take these couple steps:

    Open WMP 10

    Click on the arrow pointing “down” beside the minimize button.

    Select “Tools”

    Then “Options”

    Next, click on “Network” and uncheck “UDP” then click on “Apply” and “Ok” …. close WMP 10 and now go ahead and click on an audio stream from the web. It works! Alot of steps but at least it works now!

  48. I’ve recently tried playing an Xvid movie and it required me to download the codec and also the Xvid program on my computer. The movie played fine, but afterwards when I tried playing movie clips from my camera, the error message C00D11B1 kept popping up and the vidoes would not play!

    Does anyone know if the error has anything to do with recently downloading the Xvid codec?

  49. My problems started with the recent automatic updates to Vista Home Premium that seemed to take a couple of hours to install. First thing I noticed was that I suddenly no longer got audio warnings when I rec’d e-mail,msn messages,or when a contact comes on msn,all other alerts work. Visual ones are fine. Next thing I find that WMPlayer no longer wanted to play back the recorded videos in my Acer Orbicam library.I just got ‘the message’. Now I can’t even playback a wmv file I rec’d in a e-mail from a pal.I have tried almost everything suggested here and nothing has worked and I doubt if anything will work permanently. This is Microsoft being it’s usual cynical self I reckon, They have modified my OS to exclude proper use of things it has an argument with and didn’t ask me if that was OK or even tell me that it was going to happen if I agreed to the updates.I hope someone finds a universal solution soon as this is growing and growing and is global. Some ‘smart Alec’ really screwed up big tis time! Help!!

  50. This solution worked for me after trying all others on this site. I got it off another site:

    If you have no sound on your computer, try these steps:
    Left Click on the Start button.
    Right Click on My Computer
    Left Click on Manage
    Left Click on Services and Applications
    Left Click on Services
    Scroll down the list to “Windows Audio”
    Then Click on “Start the Service”

    This will work


  51. Here is a solution that worked for me.

    System : XP Home
    Same error as above stated, C00D11B1 for all media files, cant stream live radio.

    I uninstalled Windows Media 11 n 10. Then got about uninstalling all the security updates for Window media.

    Reinstalled WMA 11, it just started working fine again. Hope this presents another solution for those having difficulties.
    PS: I wont be installing any of the updates for WMA anytime soon.

  52. FIX C00D11B1: When WMP 11 does not play any audio

    I had problems with Windows Media Player (WMP 11) which did not play CDs (Error C00D11B1) and WMP’s Speaker Properties Crashes.

    I have a Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit Audio Card running on Window XP SP3.

    I have no problem playing audio CD through my Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit card with: Real, iTunes, and Macrovision CDS-200 Player. Nor do I have problems with audio when watching Flash clips on YouTube.

    1. Update audio drivers. I had updated my drivers from Creative Labs site.
    2. Validate audio CD can play with other players: iTunes, Real, or Macrovision CDS-200 Player, etc.
    3. Have “Windows XP” installation CD available.
    4. Audio CD (not one that pops up Macrovision CDS-200 Player, a player that comes with some audio CDs).

    A. Remove WMP 11
    1. Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs
    2. Uninstall both “WMP 11” and “WMF 11 runtime”.
    3. Reboot

    B. Remove WMP (9) component from Windows XP
    1. Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs
    2. Select Add or Remove Windows Components
    3. Uncheck “Windows Media Player”, select Next button, allow uninstall to complete.
    4. Reboot

    C. Reinstall WMP (9) component into Windows XP
    1. Insert into CD Drive the “Windows XP” installation CD
    2. Select in Welcome pane: “Install Optional Windows Components”
    3. Check “Windows Media Player”, select Next button, allow install to complete.
    4. Reboot

    D. Try playing audio CD with currently re-installed WMP (9). It should work.

    E. Reinstall WMP 11 into Windows XP
    1. Install WMP 11
    2. Reboot

    And VOILA, for me, the problem is gone!

  53. I’ve tried the registry edit, but can’t find “audio” after “current version”. I’ve tried the Netflix DRM reset- no good. I’ve tried unchecking UDP in WMP- no good. I’ve tried the IE reset- no good. Can anyone tell me how to fix this error????? Everything worked fine until Windows downloaded an update.

  54. Hello everyone!! I’m using Vista Home Basic and after installing SP1 I got the dreaded error when playing ANY mp3 or wma music.

    Here’s how I fixes the error:

    In WMP -> TOOLS -> OPTIONS -> DEVICES -> SPEAKERS (Double click) -> ADVANCED -> Then “set default” to the Speakers or just play around with these options.

    I did also download the xp/vista codec pack above, so it may be a mixture of these solutions 🙂

    Good luck everyone! *Rocks out*

    Note on the above- yes Microsoft does’t like you using Firefox using their websites. It’s unethical isn’t it?

    • thanx clare…doing WMP -> TOOLS -> OPTIONS -> DEVICES -> SPEAKERS (Double click) -> ADVANCED -> Then “set default” to the Speakers … solved my problem in less than a minute.

  55. Comment #13, you are a lifesaver, i worked on trying to fix windows media player for weeks. i tried your suggestion after hours of not getting anywhere and within minutes, it was up and running. thanks.

  56. hey.. whats up.. you can fix this c00d11b1 by just downloading the codec from xvid..

    the main cause is your missing a xvidcore.dll and i dont no how i found the solution or it was just luck but it worked for me when i installed that

    the link for that site.. is
    from there install the right windows or mac and you should get it.. sorry.. if it styll dosnt help you.. but it worked for me..

  57. Thank you so much!!! God bless you!!
    The link didn’t work for me, the media player keeped saying “can’t open file” but your suggestion about a security update make me look in “Add or Remove Programs” at the Control Panel and there it was… “Security Fix for Media Player”, so I removed it and now it’s working just fine.

    So thanks againg dude! Keep the good work!

  58. #80 and 81… ur made it…. thanks a million…… search quarts.dll first then copy to c/windows/system 32…then run the regsvr32 quartz.dll…… if it succeed then it all ok

  59. WOO-HOO! #97 rocks! I’ve been struggling with this for a while now, but I changed my speaker setting and it came out awesomely. Hopefully it stays that way… >_> But Fantafferistic!! ^_^

  60. For Vista-based WMP 11, #46 (Netflix reset DRM) worked. …Followed link, downloaded & ran program then restarted computer. Upon attempting to open a video file in WMP11, was prompted to download & install an update; did so, and program works fine now. Tried other suggested fixes (e.g. download & install Codecs, registry edit, etc.) first, but none worked. Finally, with the “netflix reset DRM” suggestion (#46), all works well now.

  61. Uninstalling and reinstalling WMP11 on a WXP worked for me … this, before doing all steps in this post. I used the link at the beggining of the post, installed codecs for XP, uninstalled WMP11, used the regsvr32 quartz.dll command line, and finally installed again the WMP11 downloaded from the Microsoft site, and it worked!!! So, something worked, but I don’t know what made it work. Good luck with your tests!

  62. I am running Vista with WMP 11. I am trying to run an online class CD that has embedded videos. They are supposed to play through WMP11 and have been updated for Vista by the company. But none of the videos work in WMP. I get alternating error messages, either C00D11B1 or C00D1199.

    Does anyone have any solutions? I have tried both Vista and XP codec packs, Xvid and DivX codecs, etc. to no avail.

    Thanks in advance!

  63. blah blah blah, nothing worked, but i figured it out, after several cups of tea, couple of packs of smoke, and a headache. installed windows media player 10, (11 sucks ass) clicked on options, top right hand corner, next to the minimize button, went into TOOLS, the options. Click on network and UNCHECKED UDP bullshit, apply ok and hey presto works just fine, i can now watch my kick ass arsenal team do some damage. good luck

  64. I have been trying to trouble-shoot my computer so I could play internet media files for months. You solution was so simple…as simple as a sinlge click.
    Thank you!!!

  65. i have a problem guys… and this is going to puzzle you… i have an emachines 2000+… (amd athlon xp… 1.6ghz pros… and with (2) sticks of 512mb… or 1gb ram… and a nvidia 6200-le vid card… brand new out of the box 6 months ago… and it’s a agp video card, now… when i start playing games… it just freezes… there’s no spyware… adware… bots… or viruses on computer… any suggestions? it’ll do fine if i’m in windows… playing dvd… or mp3… but once i put a load in the vid card… it goes bonkers??????? some times it’ll restart for no reason too.

  66. Tried all of the above.
    #46 mikel232 you are THE MAN!!!!!
    After all the codecs, registries, and looking for folders, that one simple reset DRM file did the trick. Thank you so much!

  67. just play it throu VLC media player ,IF YOU DO NOT HAVE IT jus download it its free install it and play the latest formats throu it ,much better quality,and sound then WMA windows media player

      • nevermind…
        when i played it through vlc it said”This AVI file is broken. Seeking will not work correctly. Do you want to try to repair it (this might take a long time)?” When i clicked yes, the video played until 3 minutes, when it abruptly shutoff. The same happened if i clicked no.
        i am confused…

  68. I have vista and WMP 11 and number 13 worked for me. While installing the codec program an error box came up saying I couldn’t update, I clicked ignore and its now working just fine.

    Cheers 13

  69. … No Fix, Need Help.
    I Have Vista 64 Bit (Home Premium), 1.83(x2) E6300 Processor, 4GB of RAM, 320GB Hard-drive.
    Everytime i try to play WMV’s It Says my sound drivers are out of date (which they arnt) (aka error c00d11b1)
    All Solutions Above Dont Work, NEED HELP NOW.

  70. Ey guys, I have the real solution to this issue in WMP 11, or older versiones, actually I’ve tried EVERY SINGLE solution the other guys above wrote, but NO ONE worked for me, so I tried to fix by my self, I just formated my pc and put a Ghost Image I’d already created months ago,and then I reinstalled the drivers but the error was still coming out, so to make a long story short, I just downloaded THE DRIVERS OF VIDEO AND SOUND from the webpage of the manufacturer of my MOTHERBOARD, not the ones included in my cd, because they aren’t compatible.
    The question is, why couldn’t I’ve done it before?? the reason is simple and the answer is the same.
    If you downloaded generic drivers, or if you are using a software which upadte your drivers like DRIVER GENIUS or OTHERS then you must install all the real drivers who came with your CD or check the model of your MotherBoard and google it.
    That works very good for me, I think the above solutions are great but they work with WMP 11 with XP no with vista, I think…

    If you don’t know how to get the drivers of your PC or Laptop just put a reply and I’ll explained to you as quickly as I can

  71. Hello:

    I tried most of the above suggestions, but unfortunately, neither worked for me. What solved my problem was a download of the TecSmith Screen Capture Codec (TSCC). The AVI file I was trying to play was created with Camtasia Studio’s TecSmith Screen Capture tool.

    It can be downloaded from here:

    • I solved this error by selecting the option to allow WMP 11 to receive data on ports 7000-7007. I can reproduce the error immediately by unchecking that box in the network options tab.

  72. Running Windows7 RC here, and the XP Codecs (#13) worked for me. I didn’t try the Vista codecs based on comments from people running Vista not being fixed with it.

    Thanks guys!

  73. G’day,

    What a hassle this has been, but thanks to your site, after hours and many attempts, #46 did the trick. I was concerned about using it but it worked lightning fast. Mikel232 is a legend.

    Good Luck.

  74. if don’t work anything …. answer:

    wmp – tools – options – devices – speakers – performance – check or uncheck Use 24 bits – apply

    WORKED FOR ME … (Sony vgn-fe770g with XP MCE and WMP11)

    Good Luck from Mexico.

  75. I had similar problem on Vista…couldn’t play MP3 files by WMP…kept getting the same mesage…anyway I solwed my problem by uninstalling Nokia PC suite…somehow it worked…it seems that there is some driver conflict when Nokia PC S is installed…hope it workes for someone else


  76. WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 11 – Error C00D11B1 – Solved.
    If you can play some MP3 songs but not all your songs and you got this error by Microsoft:

    You should try this:

    This is a great FREE tool, just edit all the songs that you can not play with this tool, adding all them and filling up all song information, and you will be able to play your MP3 again.
    Please Donate something to the creator. What is 1 Dollar?

  77. Testing more this Tool MP3TAG I found out that is you just open the folder with your MP3 music, once all your mp3s are listed on mp3tag, CTRL + A to select all or go to Edit and then select all, them CTRL + S or got to File and click on Save Tag, close program and you can play now your MP3 files.

  78. #91 worked for me….I am running vista and wm11….and nothing else on this page would fix it…but #91 did.
    thank you

  79. Worked! #80 & 82 regsvr32 quartz.dll, after numeric attempts to fix this problem. Yes, please locate the quartz.dll and copy to windows/system32. Thanks.

  80. im using HP/vista and tried everything suggested here but didnt work, then i just get a sound device update from HP website. i should have done this first before anything else. hope it works for someone else.

    • I’m using HP Pavilion dv6 notebook and Vista home. I had problem same as all of you for 5 days already,”Error C00D11B1/Audiodg.exe ” i’ve tried everything, none of the above solve it, this one fixed everything, just download from the the right driver(IDT High-Definition Audio CODEC Driver) and restarted my pc, and wala! I’m having a great time playing starcraft and counter strike again! Thanks you so much April!

      at last after all the time and headache i’ve been through. :))

      • It did give me a pretty big headache, good thing it is over.

        Oh yes!!!!!!!!!! It worked. I tried #41, #59, #76, #91, #97 and #108 suggestions it did not work. I was about to try #46, #80 & #82 suggestions when I stummbled on your solution. Now my Windows Media Player 11 works just fine same as my Windows Media Center they are just working perfectly.

        I don’t know why are there so much solutions for just one common problem.

        Well, anyway, just try the suggested solutions that will be applicable for you.

        Thanks a lot April and Arthur and Good luck to all of you. Godspeed everyone!

  81. #97 ur awesome, i set to default because there was some kind of problem and all is well. i’ve been tryin to figure this out for months!

  82. Solution 13 worked for me I rendered on a win x32 bit avi and I am now on a 64 bit couldnt get get the 32 bit avi files to play answer is you need 32 bit codec solution 13 worked for me perfect

  83. Thanks so much, using the XP codec package fixed mine. I have a Vista Home and I’m an avid wmp user so this was a lifesaver. (:

  84. “T” @ Post #13 fixed my problem like magic. I’m thrilled to bits. Thanks again to the caring, sharing IT enthusiast community – you contribute all the time to my personal growth! 🙂

  85. #133 Worked for me! Thanks! I tried # 13, 46 and many more – but no one worked for me! But # 133 gave me the sound back – thank you again!

    Wmp 11 on Vista 32 – on a HP DV6 1100so.

    • Hi,

      Can you describe how to make the sound device update from the HP site? I got also an HP DV6 with WMP 11 on Vista. Thanks!

      • Go to, on the top selections click “Support & Drivers” you will see step 1, tick “Download drivers and Software”. Go to step 2 enter your product name/number, as for me I own a HP Pavillion dv6 1240ea. Then enter, select the operating system you are using, as for me again I am using Windows Vista 32 bit OS. You will see immediately the Driver-Audio IDT High-Definition Audio CODEC Driver. Click it and click the download button. After its downloaded to your computer/lap top look for it in one of your folders. In my case it went to the downloads folder. Open the file, accept the terms and conditions, install it, follow the instructions, after intalling it restart your computer. And your Windows Media Player once again works. I hope this one works for you.

        Good Luck to you Translator.

  86. I cut and paste the link in IE. It worked!!! I’m now able to play all my subscription songs from Zune using Windows Media Player, but I having problems with Windows Media Center. I’m having the same error message.

  87. I’ve tried all the above, I am still getting the error, I have a Dell xps 420 that I purchased from the company about a year ago. I update the computer regularly and I just cant seem to get it fixed, heck, It was working just fine and I had watched a dvd, and a video online and I left for a few hours and when I returned, nothing would play, dvds, avi, although a few mpgs will play, almost none of them besides a couple I had in a folder will play, any help? I dont know what else to do, i’m using windows vista, internet explorer 8 just went in and windows media player 11.

  88. Holy crap! After all this work I finally got it!

    Running a 64-bit Vista with WMP11. Been having trouble with this since Monday.
    #1. Watch out for some of these posts-the one that links you to some shark thing is especially bug-ridden!

    #2. I ran some of the other DRM cleaners and what not, but mine got fixed by post #59… kinda (I have no idea what file piece you’re talking about!)

    Basically I opened WMP, right-clicked the top of it (By the Now Playing button, etc)…
    2. Choose “Tools”
    3. Go to “Options”
    4. Click the “Devices” tab
    5. Double-click “Speakers”
    6. Click on the “Advanced” Button
    Here’s where it gets interesting. Mine was trying to play audio through “Independent (R.T.C.) Headphones”, and as soon as I clicked the “Advanced” button, WMP flipped out and said something to the effect of “Holy s—! This audio output doesn’t work!”
    7. I changed mine to “Speakers/Headphones” (IDT high definition audio CODEC)

    Tada! Now I can play my music and movies once more! Hope this helps!

    P.S. I know some of my audio drivers might not be the basics, so modify the audio output choices as needed.

  89. man i tried 2 do what u said Graferl but i cant find ” audio ” under the ” current version ” so i cant do it plzzzzzzzz help this thing is driving me crazy and i cant use my laptop

  90. I use windows 7 and was having this error too. But in my case it happened only in two specific avi files. I solve this installing the xp codec pack.
    Thx for all!

  91. I have problem in playing downloaded video files above 20,000kb on window media player and also htm file on firefox. I have downloaded codecs and installed shockwave, enabled activeX, etc but I still can’t play these files. Those downloaded files below 20,000KB can be played on window media player with no problem and I can also play all files sizes direct online.

    Can anyone help me on this, please?

  92. The only way I could get audio files to play (same Realtek high def audio)in wmp 11 vista
    was to open ControlPanel, Sound, click on Speakers (Playback tab), Advanced,
    and untick Exclusive Mode “All applications to take exclusive control of this

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  94. But mine is Windows 7 and using Media Player 12!!! Playing through my Divx-encoded avi-files and they’re giving me errors with the error code C00D11B1!

  95. Ihave vista home pre and media player11. Unintalled program “idt audio” and reinstalled MS sound drivers. Sound now works perfectly.

  96. After Upgrade to Windows 7 with WMP 12 I can no longer play legally bought wma music from Nokia Store. None of the before mentioned methods works. Microsoft is no help. Has anyone an idea what do do?

  97. I have been trying to play a wmv without success due to this error code.
    I have Vista and WMP 11. I’ve downloaded the codecs as suggested, rebooted and also reseting the DRM, now it looks as if Ive lost the licence as it now says all activations used.

    Any advice anyone? Not sure why nothing worked.

  98. When you begin to have a look for methods to speed up your personal computer and optimize it’s performance, you’ll come across the option of using a registry cleaner, and with these programs comes many options as well. Perhaps you are on the lookout for freeware or perhaps you are OK with spending a couple of bucks to get a quality product, but first you simply need to learn how to choose the top registry cleaner software for your wishes. That’s what we’re going to talk about in this article, we are going to go over the features that you should be looking for when selecting a registry cleaning application. Click for more information.

  99. #4 worked for me (but if you’ve got Vista 64 you have to install the 32 package first and then apply the patch for 64). Thanks Sri.

  100. Windows 7 x64 + wmp12
    Can’t play .wmv (Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file.)
    Nothing above helped 🙁
    Anyone have new idea?

  101. I have Vista 32, WMP 11..,wmv’s arent playing. Some, however do. I am downloading them off a chess site. The more recent vids work, but the older ones from last several years dont. they all STREAM perfectly. I update sound hardware, video hardware, downloaded codecs, tried all the other misc things this forum has suggested with no avail.

    ANYONE have this problem and solved it??? PLEASE HELP!!!

  102. Same problem as Justin above have tried all the solutions and nothing works. I can play all content with VLC and other media players but not with Windows Media Player etc Windows Media Player can play AVI’s but no MP3’s or WMA’s or WMV’s. This is in part driving me to switch for good to Linux seems everytime a new version of Windows comes out the old version has a bug that gets overlooked. “Wonders if this is an attempt to get people to upgrade to the new version”

    Anyways any help would be appreciated seems like the same bug is back again.

  103. #156, Thanks a lot.
    My XP and WMP11 suddently stop playing .Avi captured from my camcorder.
    After many hours and tried everything was suggested, nothing have worked for me until
    I read #156’s post, download full version from the link

    The installation did uninstall other codec packs and clean up all broken links of Directshow Filters in the registry.. I just logoff and log back in after installation and WMP11 play all my AVI again….Ya!

  104. My five pennies. I am using Windows Vista and all of a sudden I got the same error of all of you. I have absolutely no idea which one of your solutions worked for me… but one did!

    I worked my way from 1 up throuh 56 and one of them worked (I know it wasn’t the first) nor couldn’t I find the DMS file on my pc. I think it was #13 the solution that was proposed for windows XP users.

    Even though I use Vista, I do think it worked (haven’t had the error and video files play fine).

  105. I got the C00D11B1 error on my wife’s brand new Windows 7 (64bit) with WMP12,
    when trying to watch a program from a TV station’s streaming web site.

    The solution was to click in the Tools -> Options -> Network and enable incoming ports for MMS. This was unchecked by default in the system.

  106. Hi all,

    I have faced this problem from three days and i found your answers and tryed most of the solutions writen above , but non of this made any changes to my pc. I follow up a very simple staps and my computer now is working very well and perfect and i can hear the voice again ^_^ finaly .

    Just try to follow this stapes and inshallah your problem will get solved :-

    1- Write click on ( my computer )
    2- properties
    3- from the write side click ( device manager ).
    4- click on the + of Sound,video and game controllers.
    5- click on IDT High Definition Audio CODEC then write click on it .
    6- click propertise
    7- then select from the header ( Drive )
    8- Now you have to click on ( Update Driver ) and let the computer ckeck your updates may be you need to update any products.

    if it tell you that you updates are up to dates and have know problems then

    9- Click on ( Roll Back Driver ) .
    this option will roll you back to the previously installed driver.

    10- then click on ok and it will ask you to restart your computer . DO IT and then You wil have your sound BACK to your PC Inshallah .

    Best Luck
    Sorry for the bad spelling 🙂

    Your sis,

  107. Alright for all you windows 7 64 bit users I found a solution. First you need to download
    Once you download the codec you should have media player classic installed. If you don’t have it here is the link to install it
    Now that you have it installed drag whatever you are trying to watch to your desktop. (I have tried videos folder it didn’t work.) You can attempt to open it in Windows Media Player, but the same error will pop up. Go to Windows Media Player Classic-> File-> Open File->Desktop-> your file you dragged and dropped to Desktop. And it should play like a charm.
    NOTE: When I tried to play it from the original folder it didn’t work.

    • Through a second check I have found out you can drag it to the videos folder then play it. Only for the process I did it went like this for the drag sequence
      Original Download File Folder-> Desktop-> My Videos-> Quick Open in Windows media player classic

  108. hi, guys,
    my pc is running with win7 and 3 soundboards (onboard, vamaha usb and emu 1860). after testing all of the above tips )thx for these anyways) i still had no sound whatsoever.
    so this morning i played around with the sound settings and came to a different solution that in future should be considered as well:

    for some reason my standard sound was set to 48khz, while my board (emu1860) is set to 44,1khz.
    adapting windows settings to 44,1 khz did the trick

    so maybe this could be of help as well, yours. kantalup

  109. I had this problem recently and after a great deal of anguish solved it by downloading and installing the K-Lite codec pack from The pack is a free download and the installer is smart enough to unload all other codecs that your computer may have as well as a clean up of your registry. Just say yes to everything and your troubles will be ended.

  110. Hello,

    I’m running XP and have experienced the dreaded c00d11b1 error message after upgrading (!) to WMP11. I’ve tried all the simple suggestions mentioned here (am not inclined to try anything I don’t understand and computers are generally a mystery to me). As nothing worked I decided to uninstall WMP11 and reinstall an earlier version. My machine offered me WMP9 when I rebooted after uninstalling 11 so I installed it – only to get an unknown error message with a very helpful comment from MS saying “You’ve encountered an error message while using WMP. Additional information is not currently available for this error.” Can anyone help me please. Any more of this and I shall just have to give up playing music while I work on my computer.

    Many thanks.


  112. Okay, so I keep getting this error when I try to play videos I’ve downloaded from; basically, it refuses to even START playing, and though I tried searching for more info on the c00d11b1 error, this was all I found. I tried like half the stuff here but I don’t know that much about computers and I don’t want to try deleting anything. =/

  113. @78 : that worked for me!

    I’m under Windows 7 32 bits and WMP 12…

    I reinstalled the standard DRM drivers from URL (open in IE8 only, close all browsers and WMP before using this URL)
    Then I did what is suggested:

    “regedit” in the search button.
    Push “enter”. Look for the column HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Audio
    Double click on “DisableProtectedAudioDG” appearing in the right window. Change number 1 into 0.
    Close registry and restart your PC.

  114. if anyone on windows 7 is having an incredibly hard time, just reinstall windows. i tried everything above to no solution but reinstalling windows did it for me. also, windows 7 backs up your C: drive if the current operating system is also windows 7.

  115. Running XP Pro WMP. Purchased music (Nokia OvI) and personal CD’s loaded as wma files will not play. Ohters saved as mp3 files will play.
    Error Messages C00d11B1 and ‘your netscape browser does not have Microsoft Windows Media Services plug ins installed’keep showing.

    Have tried solutions as advised T 13 and others without success.

    Microsoft don’t reply and Ovi haven’t a clue.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  116. Following my query at189 system has previously worked OK. Error occurred about 3 months ago but yesterday was OK then now has gone stupid again!!


  117. Just for the record, I had the same problem, which then turned into a missing “msdmo.dll” error message. I good computer friend of mine sent me the actual .dll file and advised I put it in my “sys32” folder, then reboot. It worked and I haven’t had a problem since! I’m running WMP 11 on Vista.

  118. Hello guys,

    Do you encounter errors while deleting files in Windows? I’m here to provide a solution. I’ve been reading several threads on this topic on different forums where computer users were asking about this popular error “The filename you specified is not valid or too long”.

    My research helped me to find a tool for you guys.

    Its LONG PATH TOOL, a very easy to run but highly powerful software.

    Follow the link to read more about this error.

  119. Hey guys, I have finally solved this problem that, I believe, has been equally vexatious for majority of people here. What I have found out is that the problem for my case does not lie in 1) Missing Codecs, 2) License Issues (hence, negating the need for digital security component upgrade.), 3) Registry changes, and the sure-fix solution to it is to make sure you download your music files from a conversion portal that does not subsequently protects your .mp3 as a result of the conversion. In other words, for those of you who love grabbing YouTube URL’s and pasting them in conversion portals (E.g., ListenToYoutube, etc.), please make sure to find an apt portal which does not subsequently protects your .mp3 as a result of the conversion. Gathering from my experience, the best conversion website is this:

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  121. #184 worked for me

    “regedit” in the search button.
    Push “enter”. Look for the column HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Audio
    Double click on “DisableProtectedAudioDG” appearing in the right window. Change number 1 into 0.
    Close registry and restart your PC.

  122. I tried the netflix solution, the k-lite standard solution, the reg edits, the UDP unchecking, opening ports, rolling back audio drivers, etc etc, and finally the vista codec packs from the site worked.

  123. got an hp dv6-1320sd running on windows 7, could not play any music anymore, but also had a problem with playing video’s and dvd’s and not only via windows media player, also other players didn’t work anymore. Tried a lot of the suggested idea’s…none worked, the thing which DID work for me is going to the hp website and download a new audio driver…now i can play al my mp3′s, video’s and dvd’s again via all players.

  124. SOLVED jet again…

    Go to systemdevicemanager

    expand Sound, video and game controllers

    Uninstall all High Definition Audio Devices
    you find there,
    Scan for hardware changes so they get reinstalled
    try plying mp3…

    Worked for me under windows7 x64 sp1 wmp11

  125. I have this 8kbp bitrate wav file in my win7, that won’t play. Same as for other 8bitrate wav files. But in other bitrate wav files works, and as for that 8 bitrate file it works in winxp.
    When I play it show this error code window media player cood11B1.
    plz help I can’t find the ans thanks

  126. I found out a working solution for me!

    Before my problems playing video & music files on Windows Media Player 11, I downloaded & installed the old Microsoft ActiveX Movie Player Component on my Windows XP. After sometimes, I didn’t need it anymore so i’d uninstalled it. This is when I had problems with WMP 11. After trying everthing like upgrading the security component & deleting the old DRM files, none of this worked for me. So I decided to install the ActiveX Movie Component again & my WMP 11 finally work again!
    Don’t know if it’ll work for you but you can give it a try. Search for amovie.exe on the net or go here
    Good luck!

  127. I’m posting this here because it is google result #1 for “C00D11B1”. One thing I found in creating a video file that raised this error is that if the audio stream of a particular video is an MP3 stream, and it uses ID3v2 tags, it will break with this error. From the MS article,

    “C00D11B1 You might encounter this error message for one of the following reasons:
    ( last entry )
    – You are trying to play an MP3 file that contains compressed ID3 headers.”

    I changed the audio codec on the video file to one that isn’t MP3, and that did the trick for me.

  128. Hello there,
    I am an American. I wish to Put in place an Animation Studio in India. Currently i’m exploring for computer animators. I selected India because it is less expensive as compared to U.S. I want to understand the measures for starting a small business in India, primarily an animation studio.

    Could you folks please guide me out?

  129. why doesn’t everyone just use vlc? plays 99% of file types, its free and 99% less hassle. i havent found a proper solution too it.

  130. I keep getting the same error code C00D11B1.. no matter what i tried above.. i swtill get the same code.. please help

  131. i hv encountered a prblm playing a file with .wpl extension…. could any of u guys pls help me in fixing the prblm….. that file actually contain an image collided with music file….. i’m really helpless….

  132. The update takes a little while after its done installing to start working Just saying that so no one else panics like me. Update works perfectly fine I did it myself with Internet Explorer just like the previous comments suggested.

  133. Rathat654 on Jan 26 links you to a commercial PC Speedup which is an annual subscription which DID NOT sort my problem (windows 7 starter), but is hard to extract myself from the annual automatic payment setup as they won’t acknowledge my online login, though the email& activation were fine, not impressed as Rathat654 gets a cut.

    This free link for windows 7 codexs did work:

    Hope that helps

  134. Many years later and this is still an issue (but with solutions!). Using Vista 64-bit and AVI files downloaded from a Panasonic DV camera still giving the Windows Media Player error c00d11b1. Downloaded the Vsita Codecs with no luck, but just d/l’ed the XP Coedcs and that worked great. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions.

  135. With having so much content and articles do you ever run
    into any issues of plagiarism or copyright infringement?

    My blog has a lot of exclusive content I’ve either authored myself or outsourced but it looks like a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my permission. Do you know any techniques to help prevent content from being ripped off? I’d certainly appreciate it.

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