Running IE v6 on Windows 7 with Symantec Workspace Virtualization

If you are looking for a way to run IE v6 on Windows 7 desktops, take a look at Symantec’s Endpoint Virtualization technologies. The software includes two different modules that are free of charge, including Workspace Virtualization administration and the Browser Selector tools. They are fairly simple to setup and flexible enough to isolate individual applications from the host Windows 7 OS.
Symantec Endpoint Virtualization
Entry level pricing starts at $45 per node

You can see a video screencast that I recently did for Symantec here.

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    • There are a variety of reasons. A lot of older Web apps don’t run properly on Win 7/IE v8 — the combination of Javascript, .Net frameworks, plug-ins, etc. So you can’t really do much, other than try them out in Firefox or else look for an older XP machine. Also, some Web sites haven’t been updated and so die on IEv8, which is what I show in the video on

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